Tuesday, 15 July 2014



Hat - My dad's 
Top - ASOS
Skirt - ASOS
Sandals - ASOS

Eeek sorry for not blogging yesterday, I had a pretty rubbish day yesterday. I failed my driving test for the second time, I'm not a bad driver but my nerves get the better of me. I made silly mistakes and because I suffer with anxiety my nerves just took control. It's pretty crappy as I know I can pass and drive but I just need to relax which is hard when you don't feel in control. Anyway, happier things, tomorrow is my brother's birthday and tonight we are going for a meal to celebrate.I wanted something I could wear all day but could also wear tonight. It's a weird day for weather as it is a bit cooler today but also the sun, when it pops out is boiling. Can you tell I love ASOS? These are pieces that I've had since last year, which is rare but they are some favourites of mine which have actually rarely been on the blog (except the sandals!). I'm having a lovely day currently listening to Otis Redding on my record player with my mum, have a nice day! 


  1. Lovely outfit! Nice that you added some colour by wearing these sandals :)

    isa |

    1. Thank you, yeah they matched my lipstick :) x

  2. Love the outfit, the hat is super cute

  3. This is gorgeous! Love the hat!