Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I Wear Your Granddad's Clothes

I've been trying to blog about this shirt for a little while now. However all the photos ended up being too dark, bad quality or a bit crappy. I love this shirt! I picked it up in a charity shop for just £4. It is a men's shirt and fits me with a nice baggy fit. As it is getting chilly I partnered it with my wet look leggings ( from eBay) and my eBay cut out boots. I'm also wearing my trusty cropped Primark leather jacket and my charity shop leather belt to give me some shape. 
I created the curls and volume to my hair without heat. I just wore my hair in a bun whilst I slept and then when I took it out this morning I sprayed it with Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle. This just adds some texture to give a messy look. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


This morning was a fairly average morning, until the postman arrived. With him he bought a delightful parcel. I thought to myself 'I haven't ordered anything recently'. Inside two gifts from ASOS welcoming me into Access All ASOS. I must admit I freaked out. By freaking out I squealed, screeched, ran around and my hands were shaking. I am so happy, I get to find out inside info and attend events all thanks to my absolute favourite clothing company. I love ASOS's clothing as you guys know, it is frequently in my posts. As you can see in the images above I was given this lovely blood orange neon beanie from ASOS and a Strawberry Crush lip balm. Inside this lovely parcel was also a fortune cookie,  my fortune said 'Many new friends are in your future'.  
The beanie is not something I would normally go for, as you know colour does scary me. 
However I love this beanie it is perfect to brighten my outfits, and it's cosy,perfect for Winter. 
 I paired my beanie from ASOS with my ASOS Oversized T-Shirt, I love to pair this t-shirt with my wetlook leggings (from eBay) and my favourite boots (similar here). My fluffy cardigan is so snug and warm and a steal at just £14 from Primark. 
Thank you ASOS for this opportunity and I hope all you lovely readers look forward to posts involving Access All ASOS. 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Manic Monday...

Monday is here again. I work all weekend so spend most of my time in my uniform or pjs. 
When Monday rears it's ugly head I'm a bit out of whack. This morning was no exception, I woke up and forgot how to wear anything! Shortly my brain began to process clothes, and I produced this ensemble above. My jeans are my trusty ASOS, Pieces black skinny jeans. These lovely jeans are now in the sale, I would recommend grabbing yourself a pair. My jumper is a lovely oversized piece I pinched from my mum. I then wore my £10 fair boots (read more about them here...stripey-smocks) I found similar ones on eBay. I've recently got into wearing my black and gold chunky collar necklace from New Look, I can't see it on their site anymore. It just adds some glamour to a winter knit. Then as it was raining today I just chucked on my Primark leather sleeved coat. Hope you are all enjoying wrapping up in cosy clothes as much as me.

Friday, 18 October 2013

I like sports...

So I apologise if this blog is a little slap dash. I'm currently on the move and writing this on my phone, pure dedication guys! So tonight I'm off to watch the new kids film Turbo, it has Snopp Dogg or 'lion' now and Samuel L Jackson. I can't wait! So I'm wearing something casual and comfortable. I'm wearing my wet look leggings, I paired them with my latest charity shop/ thrifter piece. A sports team t.shirt which is a large male's and is long enough to team with my leggings. To finish I wore my cropped leather jacket and my eBay cut out boots. Sorry if this post seems a bit rushed but thought better to post than nothing. To end this post on a great high I have reached over 7,000 views on my blog since starting! A massive thank you to you all! X

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Give It Some Mustard

I was in a bit of a rush this morning, when literally this jumper fell on me from the rail in my wardrobe. 
I decided it must be some sort of clothing fate. I love mustard yellow, I think it compliments my olive skin tone well. This jumper is an oversized delight from H&M unfortunately not a recent purchase sorry.
My jeans are Pieces Black Jeans from ASOS, they are a great fit and I recently bought them in the sale. 
I paired them with a charity shop leather belt and a chunky gold and black necklace from New Look. 
I could no longer find the necklace on the site but sure there are similar ones out there. 
Finally for shoes I went with my trusty All Star Converse, they are comfy and as this morning I had a driving lesson they are great to drive in. 

Friday, 11 October 2013

Tartan Trousers

Finally I've invested in some tartan for this Autumn/Winter. 
I was very excited yesterday when my H&M parcel arrived as I knew my tartan was a waiting inside.
I love the tartan trend, I've been so excited to get my hands on some and what better than these lovely H&M tartan slacks. They have gold zips on the waist, you can see in one of the images above. They are very comfy, slightly baggy but a size smaller would be too fitted. I paired the trousers with my H&M slightly cropped knitted jumper. It is great for Winter as you can wear a top under the jumper, a coat and boots to make the outfit warmer. If you fancying ordering anything from H&M use the code 1304 when checkouting to take £5 off your order. 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Finally starting to feel a bit better. This cold/flu thing has dragged over so many weeks.Still feeling very stuffy which isn't nice. My outfit above is casual and not that warm, this is because I've been quite hot lately due to being ill. I'm just wearing a black cami dress which is from H&M originally but I got it on eBay. 
I also got my striped long sleeved top from eBay. It was originally from New Look and a fairly commonly style top, snapped it for just £3 (including postage). I'm a sucker for stripes, I love stripes!
I teamed the outfit with my Primark faux leather rucksack, I also wore my favourite boots that if you haven't seen from my previous posts I'm in love with. I adore these boots too much. To add a splash of colour I popped on my red lipstick, it is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick shade '01'. 
I know last week I mentioned I was off to London this week for a college textiles trip. Unfortunately it was cancelled and will be happening in a few weeks instead so my London blog post is currently postponed, sorry. See you soon lovelies!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Poorly Post

Low and behold I'm ill again! 
This year I seem to have no luck with my immune system. This is the second time I've been ill in a month. 
I'm currently looking exhausted and frankly gross so this post is a bit different.
It is just a few pictures of what I've been up to whilst being poorly.
I've had to keep cracking on with college work, so I've included a few cheeky snaps of my textiles sketchbook at the moment. Where I live there is currently the Somerset Arts Week taking place. It is a great opportunity to see local artists work. I've also joined Pinterest, you can follow me at;
I've just been trying to take it easy, I've been enjoying the Pukka green chai tea
It tastes like Christmas!
I've also been trying to eat a lot healthier, I'm hoping this may help my somewhat crappy immune system. 
Sorry there is no outfit but hopefully I'll be better next week as I'm off to London on Thursday to visit some textiles exhibitions! 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Stripey smocks

Here I'm wearing my Asos Smock Dress In Stripe Print With Cold Shoulder, it fits lovely and was a bargain at just £15. Despite it being a smock dress I cinched in my waist with a 
charity shop embossed tan leather belt. I also wore my leather jacket from Primark.
 As for my boots they are the latest edition to my boot collection, they were just £10! Couldn't believe it, I picked them up at a FunFair I went to. Only I could go to a FunFair and buy boots. 
They are a popular style and luckily I snapped them for a bargain. They are also amazingly comfy and have a slightly heel. I didn't wear any jewellery as I felt the outfit had enough going on already. 
The heavy embellishment of the shoes spice up any outfit.