Friday, 27 February 2015

February Favourites

Tangle Brush - eBay 
Hair Oil - Got2B
Sunglasses - ASOS
Matte Lipstick - Maybelline
Pom Pom Keyring - POHm Poms

I've had a few new products shimmy into my life this month. The first two being hair care, due to my new lilac locks my hair is feeling a little sorry for its self. We had to bleach my hair a couple of times to rid the green I had previous, my hair took it much better than I thought but it definitely is damaged. This brush has been helping me to actually tame my hair, I used to brush my hair only before I washed it, now I brush it every night. My hair is quite fine and tends to just be limp and flat so brushing it didn't help this but now I've never know this brushing commitment before. This oil is an inexpensive version of something like a Moroccan oil, it smells so wonderful and just makes my hair feel less dry. I pop a couple of pumps of this oil goodness into my hair, before slaying the dragon that is my messy hair. I go from Worzel Gummidge to... well a more tamed, lilac  Worzel Gummidge. 
 These sunglasses were a spontaneous Boxing Day purchase, and for once a good spontaneous purchase. I know it seems mad to buy sunglasses in Winter, but as a new driver I've learnt sunglasses are essential. The sun will burst out from behind the clouds when you are driving along at the most inconvenient times. I love the blue reflective lenses, although with these sunglasses and my boy racer fiesta I do look a strange sight. But I can't wait to wear them this Summer and for festivals, they are so shiny in the sun!
Kylie Jenner, if you don't know that name you must have been hiding under a rock, she is everywhere! This Maybelline lipstick is the perfect shade for that Kylie Jenner look, minus the plump lips. It is a creamy lipstick pencil and has a matte finish. It is perfect to chuck on your lips and the small lip crayon is easy to throw in your handbag, a nice and easy lipstick for someone like me who is rubbish with make up. You can see how well loved mine has been. 
 Lastly this lovely, lilac, fluffy pom pom keyring, from a local business POHm Poms. It is a really cute, so fluffy and it matches my hair, I mean my life is now complete right?!  Firstly it has been great to help me find my keys in the black hole that is my bag. Also I love it because when I get into my boy racer, pimped out fiesta and I'm there with my lilac fluffy keys. It is brilliant! I've seen people using these pom poms on there belt loops and handbags for a touch of fun to their outfit. I think it this little fluff ball would be awesome to add a little nostalgia of my childhood to my all black outfits, so keep an eye out for that. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

February Playlist

1. James Bay 'Let It Go', 2. Ben Howard 'I Forget Where We Were', 3. Passion Pit 'Lifted Up' 

4. One Republic 'Love Runs Out' 5. George Ezra Radio 1 Live Lounge 'Try', 6. Swiss Lips 'Carolyn

Here is February's playlist. This month has just flown by for me and I've just been listening to a lot of the same stuff as last month. However I have been listening to some more chilled stuff this month, as you can probably tell from my choices. February has been a little stressful and these more chilled and feel good songs have got me through. If you've got any recommendations I'd love to hear them but I hope you like my little playlist for this month. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

LFW: The Good, The Bad and Me!

London fashion week. The good, the bad and me! 
I attended my first ever London fashion week yesterday. As part of Access All ASOS, I was given the opportunity to attend a talk at LFW. Never would I have thought I'd attend fashion week, maybe as a dream, but not for real. Even right up until I was in the building, I didn't believe it was going to happen.  Now of course I was totally panicking over what the hell I was going to wear, and even after lots of changing and contemplating, I was still not happy with what I wore. I have a real issue with my confidence. I know, I'm a fashion blogger, I take photos of myself all the time but how I pick apart myself is not good for the confidence. So attending fashion week and seeing all these gorgeous people, dressed in edgy outfits and gorgeous garments was like being back at school. The sheer horror and panic. You know the popular girls, the gorgeous girls, the ones every girl wants to be friends with, who go to all the parties, who all the boys fancy, yeah it was like that. I was just overwhelmed by these beautiful fashionable people, EVERYWHERE! And then there was me, wearing something I hated and soggy from the rain and smelling like burgers (I'll get to that later). Nice one. 

As soon as you walk into the building their are eyes on you from every direction, people picking apart everyone's choices of outfit, hair and make-up. I was a total wreck, I felt so out of place. Luckily Alex was with me telling me that I looked lovely, you know like boyfriends do as part of their job role. But I couldn't help feeling like a fish totally and utterly out of water, like not even near the waters edge. 

It was a talk called My Big Idea with four lovely ladies; Pandora Sykes, Lou Stoppard, Sharmadean Reid and Melanie Ashley. They've all made a successful career for themselves in fashion, you can catch the pow wow on Youtube here. It was utterly inspiring to hear their words of how they started out, their advice, their critique. I left feeling much more at ease and like I was there with a purpose. Although during the talk I was sat in this minimal white room, surrounded by gorgeous people and all I kept thinking was 'I can smell the burger I had earlier. Can they smell it? Can I spray perfume in here? No of course not.'  
So London Fashion week for my was a totally new experience, but it was amazing. I've tried to be just as honest as possible with how I felt, but as someone who generally is a nervous mess it isn't surprisingly I felt a little awkward. My advice for anyone who goes for the first time or to any fashion event is... 1. Wear what you feel comfortable in. I tried to be something I wasn't, I was going for a 70's babe look and looked more like a marshmallow. So honestly wear what you want and feel good in and you will look amazing because you feel happy and confident. 2. You deserve to be there as much as everyone else. I felt like I was totally out of place, but after listening to the talk and how they all started out, we all have to come from somewhere and we all deserve these opportunities. 3. Take an umbrella, I mean that is pretty helpful for day to day life too. But just enjoy yourself and be happy, I felt utterly blessed to be there and I went home in a total bubble of disbelief. Life is too short to not do things that push you out of your comfort zone and after doing that yesterday I felt so happy. 

Friday, 20 February 2015

Flares, If You Dare?

1. Rachel Bass 2. Leanne 3. Rachel Mae

I'm really loving the 70's trends, they are everywhere at the moment for the oncoming Spring and Summer. One piece from this trend I find the most controversial is flares. When generally speaking to people I know about flares, whether they like them or not, the consensus is NO. However I've been seeing flares styled on some bloggers and some of the ASOS Stylists and they just look great. Leanne from Thunder and Threads rocked the flares in an all black ensemble. A few bits of advice I'd give for the flares trend is, no matter your height they definitely look better paired with a heeled shoe. It doesn't have to be a skyscrapper heel but something that adds a little height, this will elongate the leg and look more slimming. If you are shorter, a high waisted pair of flares will elongate your body further and is more flattering.
Flares - Noisy May
Striped Top - Monki
Shoes - Missguided

To give you guys some inspiration on how to wear them, I choose these black denim flares as they are more everyday and simple. Because they are highwaisted I choose a cropped top, the striped top is very chic and day to day. As I mentioned I think flares look best with a heel and I choose these simple chunky black boots.
Flares - Kiss The Sky
Slogan T-shirt - Zara
Off The Shoulder Top - New Look
Boots - H&M
Choker - Topshop 

For this flared inspiration I choose something a little more out there with these printed flares. Again I choose a shoe with a little height, these peep toe boots are a great transitional piece for Winter to Spring and Summer. I choose a more fitted, off the shoulder top for a more feminine, dolled up look.  The cute slogan tee is for a more casual look, it also adds a little fun to the outfit. An extra option is this embellished choker, I just think it just really pulls the outfit together. Let me know if you'll be giving flares a go and how you'll be styling them. 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Chuck On A Hat

Hat - My dad's
Necklace - H&M
Scarf - Zara
Jumper - ASOS
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Pull & Bear

I don't why I haven't worn my hat in so long. Maybe because I left it in my car for months and I'm lazy, but I fished it out of my dumping ground of a car and I can't believe I deserted it for so long. I couldn't be bothered to style my hair today as I have work later and I woke up late and thought what is the point? So I just slapped my hat on. I'm just relaxing before work this evening, therefore I chucked on something super casual and easy. This oversized jumper is one of my favourites it is nice and lightweight and just has the perfect slouch to it, if that makes sense to anyone else? I'm very fussy in what I want in a jumper. These jeans are my favourite at the moment, they are super stretchy and comfortable, as if you aren't wearing jeans at all... perfect! I also added this H&M necklace and this Zara scarf, which are both from like last year, for a more put together look, warmer look. 

Monday, 16 February 2015

Lilac Locks

T-shirt - ASOS
Dress - eBay
Blazer - Monki
Necklace - Vivienne Westwood

So you can probably tell I have a new hair colour, I'm lilac! I've wanted to do this for a couple of years now after I first saw a photo of some beautiful lilac locks. After having my green hair I thought why not? I just went for it, life can be so short and I want to just go for things. It took a LONG time to rid the green and get this awesome colour, but my wonderful hairdresser is patient and bloody good, thank you Kennedy! This outfit was just a simple throw on, the white t-shirt is a crop top I grabbed in the ASOS sale and it is a great basic piece to have to pair with high waisted items or like this to layer up. I've had the dress for years, I bought it on eBay on a whim, and it has been in my wardrobe ever since. I love the detailing of the straps on the back and it is just a really simple, chuck on girly dress. I add my favourite blazer for a more grown up structured element, because I like to pretend I'm a real grown up sometimes! 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Gem Hunting

Jacket - Pull & Bear
Jumper - ASOS
Collar Necklace - eBay
Boots - ASOS

A quick little outfit post from me today. I bought this jumper as part of a co ord set but the skirt was a midi length and as a shorter person it was not flattering. I hate that when it looks great on the 5ft 9 slim model and looks rubbish on me, surprisingly. Damn I wish I'd continue to grow. Moving on, I kept the jumper as I just loved it and it is so easy to chuck on with jeans. Since Christmas my work hours have been reduced, due to it being a quieter retail period and I've got to tax my car, the joys of being a grown up. I've been a little shorter on cash so I've been browsing eBay and Depop to still grab myself some new clothes but on the cheaper side. I picked up the bag on Depop and it is great to chuck my everyday stuff in and head out. I'd definitely recommend popping on eBay or Depop to grab some bargains or I love going Charity Shopping and hunting for the gems. 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Sunday Stroll

Leggings - Monki
Parka Coat - New Look
Jumper - Pull & Bear
It is by no stretch of the imagination warm yet, but when the sun is out and a chill in the air it is still a beautiful day! I personally really like Winter and Spring, I love the cold air and crisp mornings so yesterday was a gorgeous chilly day to take a stroll. I'm lucky living in the countryside for this, not much else, but I got country walks. After Alex finished work we braced the cold, grabbed my camera and our flasks of coffee and had a really lovely afternoon. I grabbed these gorgeous Monki leggings off Depop and they come up quite high so I was able to pair them with my cropped jumper. I really liked the pattern and they were easy to pair with this big parka, which is actually Alex's, that kept me warm on our little adventure.
We went to Priddy and as you can see it looked like some sort of African desert with the orange tones and empty space but the frozen lake shattered the illusion. The lake was really beautiful and you could see the sun reflecting off the frozen water, We also found this cool lonely tree, in the photos above and it was just a really nice tree, made an awesome backdrop for the photos! It was just a really picturesque afternoon. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 Couture

Elie Saab 
 John Paul Gaultier

I'm currently suffering in my bed with a hideous cold that sprung itself upon me this week. However I thought I would post a little something for you lovely lot. So the other evening I popped onto Pinterest, as I often do procrastinating from the really important things I should actually be doing, and I stumbled upon Vogue's uploads of the Spring/Summer Couture 2015 pictures. The effort and beauty of the couture collections is just impeccable and simply stunning so I thought I would share some of my favourites from the various collections.
My ultimate favourite was from Elie Saab, a designer I hadn't heard of before. Elie Saab's collection looked at nature and the glamour of the Sixties to create these gorgeous feathery, sequinned dresses. I love the lavish feather detailing and the sheer fabrics. Chanel is always a favourite and I loved the netting around the model's faces alongside the delicate fabrics. John Paul Gaultier's collection looked at wedding dresses and the changing face of modern marriage, he took the big meringue dresses as well as the grooms tuxedos to create a gorgeous asymmetric, androgynous collection. Let me know what is your favourite in the comments below or on twitter, 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Playlist

 You may not know this about me but I love music, a bit of everything as you can probably tell from the above choices. I thought I'd share a little playlist at the end of every month with songs that I'm loving or that have just been stuck in my head. I love anything I can like connect with, sing a long and bop to. So here are a few songs that have been stuck in my head or getting me through this month and my deadlines. I'm especially loving the Kings of Leon song, I adore their music and this song is just perfect! I hope you enjoy them, or some of them and let me know any songs you think I'd like!