Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Winter Warmers

I've recently treated myself to a new pair of boots, they aren't extremely practical for rain and colder weather. This is because they are cut out boots. I've been wanting to get my hands on some nice cut out boots for months. I found these ones on eBayThey are comfy and I love the metal hardware on the heel of the boots and the buckles.

My jumper I stole from my dad's wardrobe this morning. It's really comfy and slouchy. I'm wearing it with my Vila grey skinny jeans. I'd leave a link but they are currently out of stock. I'm wearing a new an elephant head necklace from Ethics. I love their jewellery so check out their page. I'm also wearing a necklace which is part of a broken bracelet. I've just popped it on a piece of string to wear.

You can see from my photos above that I've had to start taking my blog photos inside, the rain isn't kind. Sorry the images aren't great I'm working on how to improve the natural lighting, and where is best to take my photos. Hope you are all enjoying wrapping up warm like me. I love feeling cosy and warm in Autumn/Winter.


  1. Great post, Ebay has the best stuff.
    Chimere Nicole

  2. Love the jumper and all the metallic detailing, so pretty!

    // xx