Thursday, 4 September 2014

What's in my college bag?

Bag - Primark 
Body Spray - Body Shop
Note Pad - Ryman
Purse - Topshop
Orange pouch - H&M
Pencil Case - Happy Jackson

As I'm back to college next week I've decided to start organising myself. That obviously starts with my bag. I bought this bag specifically for college as the various compartments are a hope that I will be super organised. It is very similar to the Zara city bag but at a small fraction of the price. I've got all my boring bits like my pencil case (which is actually quite funny) and my little notepad which contain all my various To Do lists. I also have my diary, another vain hope for organisation. I like to have little pouch's and purse's for all my bits and bobs. In my orange pouch I have lip balm, chewing gum and my keys. In my home made pouch I have all my emergency bits: hair grips, a mirror, paracetamol, a nail file, plasters, more lip balm etc. All those REALLY useful emergency bits, or so I tell myself. Then I always have deodorant, body spray and headphones. Headphones are great for those early morning journeys and mainly to keep me awake on the bus.


  1. Love that pencil case! So funny!

    Keep in touch x
    Isa | My Blog: Stoer & Sexy

  2. Best headphones and pencil case :D

    1. Thanks, grabbed the headphones in Hammersmith tube station x

  3. The one written in the yellow pouch makes me laugh haha. Thanks for sharing anyway.