Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bye England...

Ok so this is my last day in the UK today for a Month. 
Tomorrow I leave for Thailand and I can't be more excited... and very nervous. 
It's my first time abroad without parents, which is becoming more and more daunting but I'm sure I will be fine. 
I have two outfit posts for you as I'm not sure when I will next be able to blog. 
They are both Summery outfits as the weather hasn't been to bad as of lately. 
The first is a vintage dress which I picked up in Glastonbury for I think £10 or 20. It was one or the other.
It's very chic but the collars add a slight boyish touch to the dress. It's a midi dress and although I mentioned in my midi skirt post, midi skirts/dresses don't tend to flatter me well. However this dress flares out so I think it flatters my figure well. 

My shoes aren't great with this dress but I've had to pack all my clothes and shoes for my travels.
My shoes are from Primark and I mentioned them previously in this blog post when first starting my blog. 
My belt is from a charity shop and was just a few pounds. 

I treated myself to two new pairs of sunglasses and this is one pair. The sunglasses are Round Cat Eye and a greyish black, they are from Ebay and you can see in the link they are a bargain.

Excuse the quality of this picture, it's from my Instagram so isn't great. But these are the other pair of sunglasses I purchased from Ebay. These White Curved Arm Sunglasses have been quite popular and are also available on They are 60's inspired I would say, the add glamour and a colour contrast and I love them. 

My final outfit for you is a highwaisted skirt and crop top duo, which is very popular at the moment. 
My skirt is a few years old now and is from Primark, I love the black background of the skirt
with the colourful parrots as a nice contrast.
My crop top is a more recent purchase from ASOS mentioned in the is blog post Its a simple Black Cami Crop Top, which I have now also ordered in white too. 

Just a quick mention and link to my Youtube account. My latest video is here Please share the word and subscribe. Your support is important. 
Thanks everyone! 
Bon voyage 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Comfort Clothes

I will begin by apologising that I haven't posted a lot recently. I've been suffering badly with IBS, I never realised it would hurt as much as it has. It has been an uncomfortable week with stomach cramps, so I've spent a lot of time sleeping and bed bound in my pj's. I didn't think I'd blog about my pj's as they are far from glamorous. 

I have two outfit posts for you today as I've been so useless. Both are super comfy outfits to prevent any unnecessary stomach pain. 

As you can see my beloved Asos Orange Sandals make an appearance again, I can't recommend them enough. They are so comfortable and the colour and style are just lovelyyyy! My shirt is F&F which is the clothing brand in Tesco. I think their clothing, as I've mentioned before, has improved and keeps up with current trends as much as possible but with affordable prices. It's just a sheer V-neck white sleeveless blouse. I tucked this blouse into my River Island Tube Pants. I would highly recommend these tube pants  they are stretchy and extremely comfortable, I would wear them everyday if I could. Also these ones are less shiny than those from American Apparel and Topshop etc. This makes it much easier to wear them out in the day without feeling over the top. As it was a bit chilly I teamed it all with my lovely fringed leather jacket from Primark.

You can also see I teamed the outfit with a pink/orange ish lipstick to match my shoes. 

Here I'm wearing my oversized ASOS white tee, it's lovely a cool for the heat. I styled this with some wet look leggings I grabbed off Ebay last year. The elastic waist is great for my IBS as it allows stretch if I feel bloated or have stomach pains. My denim jacket was an absolute steal from a charity shop, I grabbed it for just £1, compared to some of the prices for denim jacket's this was my minor miracle. 

Excuse my watering can!
My boots are mentioned in my latest Youtube video, They are £24.99 from Newlook, I can't find the link for them on the website but here are some similar cut out boots. I bought these boots as I have been lusting after the Topshop ARABEL boots which are £70. I think these Newlook boots are a great affordable alternative. 

In this close up of my arm candy you can see my rings and spike bracelet which are from Newlook and mentioned in my haul video in the link above. My buddha bracelet was a birthday present, so not a clue where that little beauty came from, but I have seen similar ones on Ebay. My nail polish is Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish in 'Sunshine'. I thought it would be great for my holiday and it will be mentioned in a new video I will be posting in a few days, which is all about my holiday essentials. Keep tuned for that. 

Hope you've enjoyed this post and keep sharing, following and subscribing to my Youtube channel. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013


I've just turned 18, I'm an official adult is the world ready for that?!
I've had a splendid weekend but absolutely shattered now, in need of a detox and some serious sleep. 
I was surrounded by my lovely friends and family who gave me a few surprises, one being a limo to arrive to my party which was so fun. 
I have two outfits to post about one I wore out on a night out with a few friends to have drinks, the other a bit more fancy which I wore for my party with my friends and family.

Mango dress

This was the dress I wore out, I had flats on for the day and wedge peep toe boots in the evening. This dress is from Mango and was in the sale for £29.99. I really love the colours in the dress and the print too, it's very flattering and was comfortable to wear too. 
Me and my friends 

My boots are from H&M and are comfy, except the peep toe rubbed against my toes leaving me with blisters. However you can get blister plasters which are an absolute life saver. 

mini bas relief pendant necklace

 I was also lucky enough to get a Vivienne Westwood necklace from my wonderful boyfriend. I've wanted one for ages, so lucky to finally get one. I wore this necklace with the outfit and had a lovely night with lots of dancing. 

demonstrating my moves
On Saturday I was lucky enough to have a limo to take me to the party, my brothers and boyfriend paid for this so if they are reading THANKS! The company the limo was from is here Somerset-and Eclipse Limousines, the driver was really lovely and we had two bottles of champagne. Inside was a smoke machine, lights and music. It was great fun! 
Few snaps of the limo.
As my dress had quite a high neckline I decided not to wear a necklace and choose this lovely Indian style Pretty Vine Tikka hair clip. It was quite tricky to put into my hair straight but I really liked it. My dress is from Miss Selfridges but I picked it up from eBay for £25. I really loved this dress as it fitted lovely and was quite simple but something a bit different. 

Me and Alex

Me and my girls 

Me and my brother 

I had a lovely weekend, thank you everyone for coming and for everyone's messages, for coming along, cards, presents etc. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Leading up to my birthday

The sun is out and it's the week of my birthday, life is good. In case you son't follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you won't know that this Friday the 7th is my 18th birthday! And i'm very very very excited. 
Luckily the sun has been shinning all week so feeling very positive which is always great. 
I have one outfit to post for you all today and another two either this weekend or on Monday which will be my birthday outfits. 

 My first outfit is another monochrome but with a vibrant Summery neon twist. 
I've been avoidant of the latest neon trend but took the plunge firstly with a pair of shoes, if you follow my on Twitter or Instagram you will have seen the picture I put up of them. 

My casual summer outfit. 
I loved this outfit as I adore the monochrome trend but I got to add a summer twist with the bright neon orange/red sandals. My sandals are from ASOS. I love the metal on the front and also on the inside of the heel, I think it makes them look luxurious at a cheaper price. My oversized white tee ASOS and was £12, it's baggy and light so perfect for summer to wear with shorts, leggings or over a bikini. My black cropped jumper is mentioned in my previous post and was from Ebay but original H&M the link for the previous post is here...jumper post.

Close up of the shoes.

These shoes are so comfortable and pratical as they can be dressed up or down. Also I love ASOS as I recieved an email from them with 10% off and free next day delivery. When you create an ASOS account for ordering clothes etc, they give you 10% off and free next day delivery for one order to use within the month of your birthday. This I thought was super nice and a lovely idea. 
Thanks everyone and see you soon with my birthday blog post