Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bye England...

Ok so this is my last day in the UK today for a Month. 
Tomorrow I leave for Thailand and I can't be more excited... and very nervous. 
It's my first time abroad without parents, which is becoming more and more daunting but I'm sure I will be fine. 
I have two outfit posts for you as I'm not sure when I will next be able to blog. 
They are both Summery outfits as the weather hasn't been to bad as of lately. 
The first is a vintage dress which I picked up in Glastonbury for I think £10 or 20. It was one or the other.
It's very chic but the collars add a slight boyish touch to the dress. It's a midi dress and although I mentioned in my midi skirt post, midi skirts/dresses don't tend to flatter me well. However this dress flares out so I think it flatters my figure well. 

My shoes aren't great with this dress but I've had to pack all my clothes and shoes for my travels.
My shoes are from Primark and I mentioned them previously in this blog post when first starting my blog. 
My belt is from a charity shop and was just a few pounds. 

I treated myself to two new pairs of sunglasses and this is one pair. The sunglasses are Round Cat Eye and a greyish black, they are from Ebay and you can see in the link they are a bargain.

Excuse the quality of this picture, it's from my Instagram so isn't great. But these are the other pair of sunglasses I purchased from Ebay. These White Curved Arm Sunglasses have been quite popular and are also available on They are 60's inspired I would say, the add glamour and a colour contrast and I love them. 

My final outfit for you is a highwaisted skirt and crop top duo, which is very popular at the moment. 
My skirt is a few years old now and is from Primark, I love the black background of the skirt
with the colourful parrots as a nice contrast.
My crop top is a more recent purchase from ASOS mentioned in the is blog post Its a simple Black Cami Crop Top, which I have now also ordered in white too. 

Just a quick mention and link to my Youtube account. My latest video is here Please share the word and subscribe. Your support is important. 
Thanks everyone! 
Bon voyage 


  1. Oh I just love these outfits so much. You look lovely! I love the first dress so much- my fav :). xx

    1. thank you very much, it is a gorgeous dress xx

  2. I love the outfits! And I'm sure Thailand will be great!x

  3. Lovely outfits!!

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    Brittany, xx

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  5. We have nominated you for the Leibster award as we love reading your blog please visit our site for the rules

    C&L x

    1. oh wow thank you so what are your 11 questions for me feel free to email me directly at

    2. excuse me I've just seen them will answer in a post tomorrow. x

  6. the first dress looks so adorable on you!!
    if you like lets follow each other:) love to hear from you

    wish you have a great day!!


    1. I've followed you an nominated you for the Liebster Award you can see the nomination in my new blog post xx

  7. Great posts the clothes are super cute and look great on you..
    It would be great if you would check out my blog

    1. Thank you very much.
      Cute blog, the layout is great.
      Lovely posts :)

  8. I love that parrot printed skirt, I wish I could get it now!

    Lovely blog and posts :)