Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Leading up to my birthday

The sun is out and it's the week of my birthday, life is good. In case you son't follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you won't know that this Friday the 7th is my 18th birthday! And i'm very very very excited. 
Luckily the sun has been shinning all week so feeling very positive which is always great. 
I have one outfit to post for you all today and another two either this weekend or on Monday which will be my birthday outfits. 

 My first outfit is another monochrome but with a vibrant Summery neon twist. 
I've been avoidant of the latest neon trend but took the plunge firstly with a pair of shoes, if you follow my on Twitter or Instagram you will have seen the picture I put up of them. 

My casual summer outfit. 
I loved this outfit as I adore the monochrome trend but I got to add a summer twist with the bright neon orange/red sandals. My sandals are from ASOS. I love the metal on the front and also on the inside of the heel, I think it makes them look luxurious at a cheaper price. My oversized white tee ASOS and was £12, it's baggy and light so perfect for summer to wear with shorts, leggings or over a bikini. My black cropped jumper is mentioned in my previous post and was from Ebay but original H&M the link for the previous post is here...jumper post.

Close up of the shoes.

These shoes are so comfortable and pratical as they can be dressed up or down. Also I love ASOS as I recieved an email from them with 10% off and free next day delivery. When you create an ASOS account for ordering clothes etc, they give you 10% off and free next day delivery for one order to use within the month of your birthday. This I thought was super nice and a lovely idea. 
Thanks everyone and see you soon with my birthday blog post


  1. love your shoes
    may i now what kind of camera did u use ?

    do you want to follow each other ? ^^

    1. Thank love them too. My camera is Sony Cyber shot, DSC-W610. Yeah course always there to help a follow blogger :)

  2. Happy belated birthday - love your outfit :) x

  3. Wow very nice shoes & denim kurtis Thank you so much