Monday, 30 March 2015

March Playlist

1. Hozier 'Eden'  2. Courtney Barnett 'Pedestrian At Best'  3. Florence & The Machine 'What Kind Of Man
4. Raury 'God's Whisper'  5. Years & Years 'Take Shelter'  6. Slaves 'Feed The Mantaray

There have been a few new releases this month that are really pleasing my ears, I hope you like them too. Now Hozier had me with 'Take Me To Church' but 'Eden' is lovely, I also love the cover by Amy from The Little Magpie, she has a gorgeous voice.
Annie Mac played Courtney Barnett's song on her new show on Radio 1 and I was hooked. Now I can't get enough and I love playing it in my car.
I'm so glad Florence and the Machine have returned with a new album. I watched them at Glastonbury festival a couple years ago and I fell in love. Their music always has me wanting to chuck on a white, flowing bohemian gown and dance around in a field... that might just be me though.
I'd never heard of Raury but I really like this song's sort of Native American sound and looking I'm forward to hearing more from him.
Years & Years 'King' was the first song I heard by them but I prefer 'Take Shelter' maybe because 'King' has the curse of radio overplay.
Lastly I'm loving anything Slaves are bringing out right now, they aren't to everyone's taste, but I love the shouty, modern punky vibe they have. Plus the video for this song is just hilarious. So yeah, there are is my March Playlist, leave any song/artist suggestions in the comments below or over on my twitter

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


This is something a little different, something personal. So if you guys don't know I'm currently in college doing my A2 levels in Textiles, Graphic design and Film studies. Textiles is my main focus and passion and that may be clear because of my blog. For my project I've just finished doing we were given the title 'Journey's' back in September and had to create something from there. But as some of you may know sadly my brother passed away in September. As far as creativity and college I was at a total loss and just about ready to give up. I definitely still have days like that. I felt beyond uninspired and had no idea how to progress with college but life kept moving and I had to too. I realised that he wouldn't want me to give up. Therefore I took all the emotion and pain and created something from it. 
I created these three dresses, all using text from my eulogy at his funeral. It is read backwards on the outside of the dresses as it keeps it personal. It is for me. I then for my Film studies coursework created this short film to go alongside the dresses. The film isn't narrative but more to show the dresses in a idyllic, serene setting inspired by what a heavenly place may look like. I just wanted to share my work as I'm proud and with all the negative emotions I'm trying to make something positive. Don't get me wrong it still hurts, but I've created something I think would make him proud. I've created a project all about him and what he means to me something I can always look at and smile.  

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Floral Choker

 Jeans - ASOS
Choker- ASOS
Blazer - Monki
 If you follow of me on Instagram you may have seen a photo of this gorgeous necklace already. It arrived on Saturday and pretty much hasn't left my neck since. I tell a lie, I haven't been sleeping in it...  It is a little daunting seeing as it is 3D and a choker, I imagined neck stabbing would be an issue. Surprisingly it isn't too bad, I mean you know your wearing it but it is more the fact that it is so close around your neck which I found slightly uncomfortable. But I'm a sucker for pretty things and this is totally worth the choking, only joking it isn't that bad. I kept the outfit pretty simple as I had work, but also the necklace is a simple linear design but a statement and I didn't want to take away from that. I love these high waisted jeans, I bought them in a bigger size for extra room, which means extra comfort for me. I added my favourite blazer and boots and I was good to go. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Being Organised

So it is Monday again, the whole week of work, college, uni or school ahead. I always feel Monday's are the worst, it is the beginning of a week of unexpected surprises and they aren't always nice surprises. But keeping on top of the work you have to do and managing your time effectively is how I find is the best way to cope when those unexpected nasties pop up. My number one thing I do to keep organised is my diary and how I lay out my days. For each day that week I will create a post note of things 'To Do' or to complete that day and pop it in my diary. This just helps me to layout all the things I need to do and see them there in front of me. It puts my mind at ease to see the list of things and I find it so satisfying when I cross things off.  This also helps to keep me motivated seeing everything I've accomplished that day, knowing I haven't just wasted my day, which I am far too good at! If you don't like to use an old fashioned diary then try doing this on your phone or computer, but for me I prefer a pen and paper. 
Another thing I always try to do is make time to do things for me (not always so easy) and do things I enjoy. Once I've listed off everything I need to do that week, I'll look for free time to do things I enjoy. If I swamp myself in work I find it easier to get stressed out and become unmotivated, this happens all too easily as a student and having a part time job. But equally I won't always push myself to go out and do things, I'm a bit of a sloth and need ALOT of sleep. Sometimes just taking my free time to read blog's, catch up on my Youtube subscriptions or just slobbing out in front of the telly is perfect to unwind.
Lastly I think having a space to work in can help you sit down and crack on. This is a bit of a problem for me as my bed is my work space. I don't have a desk in my room so my bed becomes a big, messy desk. To make it easier to get to work I'll tidy my room. Having a tidy environment for me helps to make me feel more organised. Then I'll just lay out on my bed everything I need and get on with these things. And that's it these are the main things I do to try and keep myself organised and motivated. Often easier said than done, especially those weeks where everything is just going wrong. But just try and break it all down into manageable chunks. I'd love to hear your tips so comment them below or tweet me! 

Monday, 9 March 2015


Jacket & Trainers - Pull & Bear
Dress - H&M
Jumper - H&M
I've had a hair cut, can you tell? I've had some layers put in and more shaping around my face and I love it, it is super easy to just ruffle up and leave the house. I'm loving the messy, choppiness. 
As for my outfit this shiny little number was my Christmas parties dress, it was cheap and cheerful and shiny for the festivities. I've sort of abandoned it since the festivities ended. It might be because I get the Christmas blues really badly, maybe it was too painful a memory but I think it is more I had no idea how to wear it everyday. Some of the best outfits happen spontaneously, on a college morning when you need to get ready ASAP, some of my worst outfits also happen this way, This outfit was one of the rare spontaneous good outfits. I just added this jumper to the dress, I'd seen this jumper worn as a dress by The Little Magpie and because my shiny dress has no sleeves it definitely needed another layer and it all ended up tying together quite nicely. 

Friday, 6 March 2015

Too Grey

Blazer - Monki
Striped Jumper - ASOS
Trainers - Pull & Bear
I wore this outfit the other day for a quick fix for a meal and cinema trip and really liked it, so it has been a new go to outfit. The photos are from earlier this week when me and Alex actually had a whole afternoon to ourselves, no work or college, a real rarity for us. I had been to college and had some filming work to get on with. We went off to a forest to get some arty farty shots for my filming and on the way home we took these outfit shots. I love this graffiti wall and it seemed the perfect backdrop for this monochrome outfit. 
This is the outfit I was wearing when I was so kindly insulted by a fellow student in my class, someone I barely know. It was a remark on my 'grey' hair and how I was too young to have grey hair. I politely pointed out it was lilac and had faded this greyish colour, whilst biting my tongue. You may not think their comment is that rude but to me it was unnecessary, I'm not that confident and a negative remark on my appearance really plays on my mind! My point is this is not the first time someone has outright made a rude remark on my appearance or hair in the last few months. It utterly bemuses me how people can be so extremely rude and quick to remark on people's appearances, yet think their comment is ok. Now I am no saint,  I don't go around always thinking everyone's outfit choices or hair choices etc are perfect but I would never air these negative thoughts and think that it was ok to insult them like that. What I'm rambling on about it, is why do people feel they can just insult you and then laugh about it as if you won't take it personally? Banter is a term chucked around, even the word makes me vomit in my own mouth, but it is not banter when you insult someone. It is just bloody rude and hurtful. So if you take anything away from this post then just be nice! Think before you verbalise your thoughts, or leave a nasty comment on social media because everyone has feelings, we aren't rocks! 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

All In One

Jumpsuit - Gap
T-shirt - ASOS
Cardigan - Primark 
When this jumpsuit came in at work it was love at first sight. It is just a really me piece, it is black and white, all in one piece so super easy to chuck on and just a perfect all in one for me. I layered it up because it is still freezing in the UK, well it is 99% of the year anyway. This t-shirt is perfect to add a sleeve to the jumpsuit and this lightweight cardigan I bought on the weekend, is so lovely and flowy. As you may be able  to tell from my unruly hair it was really windy and sooooo cold! I added my blazer to keep me warm, although after bracing the cold for these photos I soon added another layer in the form of a black scarf to nestle my face into. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Happy Monday

Jeans - Gap
Blazer - Monki
Trainers - Pull & Bear
Bag - Depop
Pinky Necklace - Shop Dixi
Bar Necklace - ASOS
Last week was a pretty rubbish week for me, did my miserable face give it away? I was feeling really down and then everything seemed to be going tits up. A necklace from my 18th broke and I lost the charm that came off of it, I got a parking ticket, I repeatedly seemed to injure myself and I just wasn't feeling great about myself. Don't you hate those days? When nothing you wear feels right, when you notice all your flaws and everything is just too much. I decided to take it back to basics with this outfit, I wore things I knew I felt good in. My favourite oversized blazer, black skinny jeans, an oversized jumper (to hide in) and my hat so I didn't have to bother with my hair. I'd say these pieces are my general go to items in my wardrobe, just simple things that look good. I wore this outfit shopping and it was a lovely day mooching around buying a few bits to cheer myself up. I even managed to nab myself a new mesh bin for 50p! Here's to hoping this week is better than last week, Happy Monday guys!