Monday, 16 March 2015

Being Organised

So it is Monday again, the whole week of work, college, uni or school ahead. I always feel Monday's are the worst, it is the beginning of a week of unexpected surprises and they aren't always nice surprises. But keeping on top of the work you have to do and managing your time effectively is how I find is the best way to cope when those unexpected nasties pop up. My number one thing I do to keep organised is my diary and how I lay out my days. For each day that week I will create a post note of things 'To Do' or to complete that day and pop it in my diary. This just helps me to layout all the things I need to do and see them there in front of me. It puts my mind at ease to see the list of things and I find it so satisfying when I cross things off.  This also helps to keep me motivated seeing everything I've accomplished that day, knowing I haven't just wasted my day, which I am far too good at! If you don't like to use an old fashioned diary then try doing this on your phone or computer, but for me I prefer a pen and paper. 
Another thing I always try to do is make time to do things for me (not always so easy) and do things I enjoy. Once I've listed off everything I need to do that week, I'll look for free time to do things I enjoy. If I swamp myself in work I find it easier to get stressed out and become unmotivated, this happens all too easily as a student and having a part time job. But equally I won't always push myself to go out and do things, I'm a bit of a sloth and need ALOT of sleep. Sometimes just taking my free time to read blog's, catch up on my Youtube subscriptions or just slobbing out in front of the telly is perfect to unwind.
Lastly I think having a space to work in can help you sit down and crack on. This is a bit of a problem for me as my bed is my work space. I don't have a desk in my room so my bed becomes a big, messy desk. To make it easier to get to work I'll tidy my room. Having a tidy environment for me helps to make me feel more organised. Then I'll just lay out on my bed everything I need and get on with these things. And that's it these are the main things I do to try and keep myself organised and motivated. Often easier said than done, especially those weeks where everything is just going wrong. But just try and break it all down into manageable chunks. I'd love to hear your tips so comment them below or tweet me! 


  1. I make lists for everything! Nice blog x