Monday, 20 April 2015

Knobbly Knees

Sunglasses - ASOS
Blazer - Monki (similar)
Trainers - Converse 

It shall forever be beyond me how I've landed myself with a pair of 60 year old grandad knobbly knees but alas it is one of life's many mysteries. Despite my knobbly knees I cracked them out to enjoy the sun, they are feeling a little pasty at the moment and I felt they needed to see the light. Also excuse the scaring on my leg, it was from an unfortunate, clumsy accident last year with a kettle and some boiling hot water. All in all my legs are a mess but I'm embracing what I got. I've had this dress for... I want to say nearly a year and a half but I'm probably wrong. It is a lovely smock/sack style of dress, so despite exposing my legs I can hide away the rest of my self. I love the way the dress hangs and the lovely netting detail around the neck, it is simple but adds a little something, something. Because I didn't want to have my legs and arms out, it isn't quite that warm, I added my trusty oversized blazer. The blazer helped to add a little structure and shape to the outfit but to keep it casual I added my battered converse and my sunglasses. You can't see in these photos but these glasses have mirrored blue lenses which are just gorgeous and perfect to shimmer in the sun for Summer. 


  1. your hair is gorgeous!x

  2. I really love your hair !

  3. Gorgeouusssss :) I love that dress, the mesh detailing is amazing <3
    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  4. Just found your blog and love it - had to give you a follow :) This is is really nice outfit, we like how you kept it quite simple with a pop of colour from your hair x
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  5. Lovely dress, really suits you, i feel like i could never pull it off ha ha. Love your blog, defo giving it a follow :) x

    Cup Of Simee

  6. Lovely dress & I adore your hair colour. Great post, I'm a new follower and look forward to reading more!

  7. S T U N N I N G !
    It fits you very well !

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.

  8. your style is so me! I could literally wear anything in your closet!x