Saturday, 25 April 2015

Loose Layers

Dress - H&M
Shirt - Blitz London
Necklace - Black Tied

I've been really undecided whether to post this outfit or not, sometimes I like it and then I don't. It was something I chucked on this week for college but I thought showing how I layered up a maxi might be useful for the Summer?  It was still fairly warm but there was more of chill in the air so I added some layers. This shirt it just my favourite it is so baggy and has a load of rips in but I like it, it has character and a past. I think that is kinda cool. The jacket as I've mentioned before it was my bargain £1 charity shop find. I wanted to keep the maxi dress casual as it is a little revealing on the chesticales, so the loose layers and converse were a winner. As for the necklace it is one of my favourites in my vast collection. I go through stages of just wearing the same jewellery on repeat, then I'll mix it up and wear that on repeat. That happened with this necklace, since wearing it with this outfit it has barely left my neck, I even slept in it as I was so shattered I forgot I had it on! 


  1. lovely hair

  2. You look really cool !
    Love that idea with the layers !

  3. gorgeous outfit! love your hair colour too

    from helen at

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  5. Love your outfit Charlotte! I was also wondering whether the dress is warm enough to consider layering in winter, thanks a bunch! xxx

    1. Aww thank you! Ermm it depends on how cold it is but generally I'd say probably not xx

  6. Love that style! Great layering!


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