Friday, 30 January 2015


Trousers - ASOS
Jacket - Pull & Bear
Eagle Ring - Regal Rose
Bracelet - ASOS
Anklet - Adorned
It is that dreaded time of year as a student, Christmas has been and gone and all the deadlines, studying and exams commence and it all comes around too quickly. I've had two of my final coursework deadlines this week for Graphics and Textiles and man it has been intense. I have barely stopped working these last few weeks and you can really tell from the dark bin bags permanently gracing under my eyes. I'm exhausted and glad that the work is all done and handed in, the only downside is on Tuesday I receive my exam paper and it all starts again, why do people say it is the best years of our lives? I'm going to enjoy my weekend off with a some celebratory drinks and food. I've been pretty exhausted this week hence this chuck on comfy outfit, these kind of outfits at the moment are my go to. This is my I've crawled out of bed to start the day outfit and chucked on a load of jewellery to look like I've made an effort. Good luck to any of you with deadlines and to those that have handed in this week enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I know, I know, 2015 new year new me blah, blah blah. But after the sad ending to 2014 I decided I wanted to make the most of life as it is what you make of it. I want to push myself to do things out of my comfort zone, I want to look back and be like I went for it. Nothing drastic or anything but I just want to make some cracking memories to look back on and enjoy there and then too. 
I also want to look after my body and skin a little more. I'm not talking diets and skin peels just eating a little more fruit and actually having a skincare routine rather than just using make up wipes (I can hear the beauty bloggers weeping). I'm turning 20 this year, yes 20, did anyone else when turning 20 or like me is turning 20 find this a really monumental grown up stage into adulthood? I'm terrified and will probably spend my birthday crying into a pillow with a bottle of wine. Anyhow I decided my skin needs to be looked after, prevent those wrinkles and what not, a few things I've been loving for this is the Peaches and Clean cleanser for the mornings.
It is really fresh and just wakes up my skin, I wouldn't say it is like a must have or anything but just a nice gentle cleanser to freshen my skin and start the day with.
For my evening cleanser I'm using something a little more heavy duty, the Cleanse and Polish is great, it takes off all my make up and leaves my skin feeling super clean. I'm using this smaller tube as it came as a gift set with the larger tube that has just ran out, so it was handy. I'm working on looking into face masks, serums, eye creams etc. but ya know one thing at a time hey! 

Monday, 26 January 2015

Westbay Roadtrip

So as you'll know if you regularly read my blog all my final coursework deadlines are looming. But despite working incredibly hard and A LOT I know how important it is to take some time out of working and to just chill out. On Saturday I did this with one of my bestest buds and we embarked on an adventure to Westbay, my favourite seaside place. 
It was a lovely crisp day and the sun was out, not warm but it was still nice to see it, I'd forgotten what it looked like until then. We spent most of our time sat on the beach eating chips and chatting away about all the random crap friends do. I spent a lot of time 'dog spotting' all the wonderful dogs that were around, there were loads on walks and I love seeing dogs so excited by the beach. They always seem so excitable like 'ooh look water' and it reminds me of the dog from Up. I may be over thinking the life of dogs but hey ho. I caught this gang of cute bulldogs on the beach and also two chummy dogs playing in the sea. They'd initially ran up to us like 'ooh food' but then they bounded off together to have a swim. We finished off the day with some warm drinks before driving home. It was lovely to get out into the fresh sea air rather than being stuck in a classroom or behind a computer screen. I'd highly recommend it for anyone with looming deadlines to just take a breather, for your own sanity if nothing else!   

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Theory of Everything

Last night me and Alex went to watch The Theory of Everything,
Now if you don't know (if you live under some sort of rock) The Theory of Everything is a story about Stephen Hawking. I was fascinated to learn more about Hawking, everyone knows of him but no one really knows him so I wanted to learn about his life and who he was. I loved his sense of humour portrayed in the film, brilliantly sarcastic and cheeky.  I loved the fashion and everything about how London and Cambridge University looked in 1963, it seemed a pretty snazzy time and place to be. The only thing I'd say is it is a long film and can drag a little but overall it was fantastic and Eddie Redmayne was impeccable, it was hard to believe it wasn't Hawking there on the screen! So yeah if you get the chance go give it a watch, it'll make you laugh and cry (definitely bring some tissues!). 

Monday, 19 January 2015


Skirt - ASOS
Cardigan - Noisy May
Jacket - Pull & Bear
Top - Topshop
Boots - ASOS
I'm a jeans or trousers girl through and through, skirts and dresses are totally out of my comfort zone and a Summer thing for me. But I realised I hadn't mixed it up lately so I went for it and went totally out of my comfort and wore this skirt. I've had this skirt since last year and this is only the second time I've worn it. But I love it, I love the boldness of the white and the asymmetric front I just don't wear it enough. By chucking on my chunky boots and layering it up with some knitwear and leather I felt more in my comfort zone straight away! This week consists of finishing all my coursework for my deadline so bare with me and lack of posting this week. Good luck to any of you guys finishing work for your deadlines too, power through! 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A Little Bit Can Go A Long Way

Jeans - ASOS
Jumper - ASOS
Trainers - Pull & Bear
Blazer - Monki
If you read my blog on Monday you may recognise these jeans from my 'Too Much Leg' post. I promised an outfit post featuring them and here it is. I grabbed these jeans and jumper in the ASOS sale. I surprisingly own only a few pairs of jeans so these at just £17 seemed a wise investment, saying investment makes the spending guilt easier. The jumper is just a gorgeous jumper to add to my collection, it is delightfully oversized, slightly bat winged and super soft. These trainers were another great sale buy, I'd been eyeing up them up for months.When I saw they had been reduced I went for it and I adore them. They add a little something special to a casual outfit and any all black outfit. I'm not always the biggest fan of leopard print but I think a little bit can go a long way.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Too Much Leg

Now I don't know you, you may have legs to the heavens or you may be a fellow short ass like myself. If you are a short ass don't you find buying jeans that fit you on your leg length, hips and everywhere else a STRUGGLE. Well I thought I'd share my simple DIY to jeans which have 'Too Much Leg'. A simple fix is to just roll up the ends of the jeans. I'm a keen fan of flashing some ankle!
 This is a less permanent fix and may be good if you plan to continue growing but at the age of 19 I don't feel I will continue to grow any more (sigh). If like myself you can invest in a more permanent fix you could chop of that extra length. Yes chop it off. I saw everywhere last year people buying jeans with raw edges on the bottom of the legs. 
(Left - Free People Middle - Topshop Right ASOS)
Now you can invest in some like that or just fix up a cheaper pair or some you've got lying around in your wardrobe. Simply slip on your jeans, either yourself (if you can touch your toes) or with a friend and mark where you'd like the leg length to finish. You can do that with a pencil or a piece of chalk. 
Then remove the jeans (this is essential) and then cut along the leg where you marked, you may need to put a stitch in were the seam has been cut to prevent the seam undoing. Then either gently pull the fraying denim or with a cheese grater gently move over the cut line. This will create a distressed, raw edge line, popping them in the wash will also help the fraying. You now have jeans that fit and look awesome, I will be doing an outfit post with these jeans later this week. Tag me in any photos of you trying this out and also check out my previous jean DIY on Ripped Knees

Thursday, 8 January 2015


If you follow my blog then you may remember I was featured in my local newspaper (Weekend)  I was asked if I'd like to feature again and I couldn't resist as it was so awesome last time. They asked me a couple of questions and then these are featured around the photo of my outfit. But here are the questions and answers below. 

1. Briefly describe where each item of clothing came from. 
My trousers and jacket are a Christmas present, trousers from ASOS and the jacket is from Pull&bear. My crop top is from Topshop last summer and my converse are years old. My belt was a bargain from a local charity shop. 
2. What inspired you to put this look together? 
 I was inspired to put this outfit together as I love statement trousers at the moment you can chuck on any basic top with them and it looks really put together. 
3. What are your new year's clothes resolutions? 
My new year's clothes resolutions is too clear out my wardrobe of things I never wear. I'm a terrible hoarder. 
4. Have you bought anything you're really excited about in the new year sales? 
I bought a pair of trainers from Pull&Bear in the sales they are b&w with a side panel of leopard print. I think they will add a point of interest to simpler outfits. 
5. Have you got any style tops for anyone looking for inspiration on not much money? 
I think a statement item, like these trousers, can be paired with lots of basic items and is a great investment that you can wear again and again. Also check out eBay and charity shops sometimes you can find a real gem like my belt in this outfit.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


(Images from my Pinterest board Hair Envy)
After dying my hair turquoise I'm now excited by all the hair colour possibilities. Lilac hair is one I've always loved. I have fairly tanned skin and always decided lilac and lighter hair in general was not for me. However I think if I kept my darker brown roots on top like I have now with the green and swap the green for lilac I might be able to pull it off. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.