Friday, 30 January 2015


Trousers - ASOS
Jacket - Pull & Bear
Eagle Ring - Regal Rose
Bracelet - ASOS
Anklet - Adorned
It is that dreaded time of year as a student, Christmas has been and gone and all the deadlines, studying and exams commence and it all comes around too quickly. I've had two of my final coursework deadlines this week for Graphics and Textiles and man it has been intense. I have barely stopped working these last few weeks and you can really tell from the dark bin bags permanently gracing under my eyes. I'm exhausted and glad that the work is all done and handed in, the only downside is on Tuesday I receive my exam paper and it all starts again, why do people say it is the best years of our lives? I'm going to enjoy my weekend off with a some celebratory drinks and food. I've been pretty exhausted this week hence this chuck on comfy outfit, these kind of outfits at the moment are my go to. This is my I've crawled out of bed to start the day outfit and chucked on a load of jewellery to look like I've made an effort. Good luck to any of you with deadlines and to those that have handed in this week enjoy the weekend!


  1. such a cosy outfit, i love the scarf and jacket!
    anna at xx

    1. Keeping cosy is my essential when stressed haha thank you lovely! x

  2. deadlines are such a pain! :( This look is so cosy and comfy, I love how you've accessorised! xx

    1. They are but at least they are done now! Thank you lovely! x

  3. You look absolutely stunning.
    I just followed u, hope u'll follow me back.

    lots of love Twinladybug