Monday, 12 January 2015

Too Much Leg

Now I don't know you, you may have legs to the heavens or you may be a fellow short ass like myself. If you are a short ass don't you find buying jeans that fit you on your leg length, hips and everywhere else a STRUGGLE. Well I thought I'd share my simple DIY to jeans which have 'Too Much Leg'. A simple fix is to just roll up the ends of the jeans. I'm a keen fan of flashing some ankle!
 This is a less permanent fix and may be good if you plan to continue growing but at the age of 19 I don't feel I will continue to grow any more (sigh). If like myself you can invest in a more permanent fix you could chop of that extra length. Yes chop it off. I saw everywhere last year people buying jeans with raw edges on the bottom of the legs. 
(Left - Free People Middle - Topshop Right ASOS)
Now you can invest in some like that or just fix up a cheaper pair or some you've got lying around in your wardrobe. Simply slip on your jeans, either yourself (if you can touch your toes) or with a friend and mark where you'd like the leg length to finish. You can do that with a pencil or a piece of chalk. 
Then remove the jeans (this is essential) and then cut along the leg where you marked, you may need to put a stitch in were the seam has been cut to prevent the seam undoing. Then either gently pull the fraying denim or with a cheese grater gently move over the cut line. This will create a distressed, raw edge line, popping them in the wash will also help the fraying. You now have jeans that fit and look awesome, I will be doing an outfit post with these jeans later this week. Tag me in any photos of you trying this out and also check out my previous jean DIY on Ripped Knees