Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Road Trip

Jumper - Gap
Shorts - Levi (via eBay)
Bag - Primark
Trainers - Nike
Today I took my first road trip in  my car, me and Alex went to West Bay. It is our favourite beach and as you can see from the photos it is just beautiful. I fell in love with the dog in the photos and his owner. She sat there so patiently happily throwing her dog rocks to chase. The dog would chase the rock and swim right into the sea, he adored the water and kept going back for more. Not sure why but watching them and their companionship made me happy. It was really peaceful to sit on the rocks, watching and listening to the sea, I feel really chilled out now. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Warm Additions

Dress - Primark
Top - Topshop
Shoes - Seven Boot Lane
Socks - ASOS (similar)
Hat - My Dad's 

My new college time table allows me a long leisurely morning to get ready and chill out after working all weekend. I took advantage of this and had a really chilled morning getting ready and covering up the various spots on my face. Not sure what it is but my skin hates me right now and is erupting all sorts of gigantic spots and nasties on my face. The joys of being a girl. The sun has popped out today so I decided to wear a dress but by adding this crop top underneath it adds a little warmth as the sun may be out but it isn't all that hot. That is also why I added these socks, that and they are a super cute addition. Anyway I've just got back from college and was hoping this evening, after nearly a week, I'd be picking up my car but has to be tomorrow now. Erghh anyway I'm off to be grumpy.  

Friday, 12 September 2014


Jumper - H&M (similar)
Shirt - Blitz London
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Primark 

I think the only thing that has been good today is my outfit. I'm loving chucking on a jumper/top with jeans and adding a shirt around the waist. I just think it adds more detailing and layers to the outfit but looks casual and laid back (almost said cool, but saying cool isn't cool, right?). Today I have been told I'm classed as a real grown adult, an independent person, that was terrifying. Then someone said to me 'you are 23 right?' to which I responded with 'no I'm 19!' with an expression of pure hatred. Nothing wrong with being 23 years old but not when I haven't even hit 20! And finally I still have no car but a £336 invoice heading my way for when I do have a car. Not so great? But it could definitely be worse, so I'm going to crawl into bed, binge eat and binge watch The Walking Dead (possibly my favourite tv series EVER). Hope you've all had a better day than me! 

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Shorts - (Levis')via eBay
Baseball top - ASOS
Shoes - Primark
Eagle Ring - Regal Rose
Ying & Yang Bangle - Black Tied

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, I'm having car drama before I've even got in my car. It has failed it's MOT and I spent yesterday trying to sort it out so I can drive. I'm at college today but I have work later so needed something versatile and easy to wear. I needed something I could wear in the slightly warmer weather we have at the moment but something I could wear with my jeans for work this evening. This top I love at the moment it is a great basic and I love the Autumnal warm colour of the sleeves. I do feel like with the skater shoes and baseball top like Avril Lavigne and a Sk8ter girl but hey hoe nothing wrong with that. Did anyone else as a teen use MSN speak? I can't think of any more now but comment below to help me relieve the good old days (jeez I feel old). 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Third Time Lucky

Today I took my third driving test, like I said last time I failed I suffer with anxiety and my driving test seems to always get the better of me. I put a huge amount of pressure onto myself to pass and make silly mistakes because I'm so wound up and anxious. In my lessons I'm comfortable, controlled and a good driver but when the test comes I fall to pieces. Today I passed! I can't quite believe it but I'm now sorting all the boring car stuff so I can get on the road asap! But this is my simple, odd socks, uninteresting outfit I wore to my test and sorry I cropped my face out as I was too goofy from smiling haha! 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Pilton Party

Blazer - Monki
Leggings - Gap
T-shirt - ASOS
Shirt - Blitz
Boots - ASOS

Necklace - H&M
Ring - Regal Rose
Jumper - Thrifted
Hat - New Look

Near where I live is the Glastonbury festival site and on the first Friday of September they have a mini concert called Pilton Party. It is a great event and I went last Friday. Ella Eyre was the opening act followed by the Foals and they were incredible. Both acts sounded bloody fantastic live and it was a great night (with maybe a little to much alcohol). I had work in the day so I wore the first outfit, with the oversized blazer it was still smart but casual. I was going for lunch after and wanted to be able to go straight there so that outfit was perfect. However for Pilton Party I didn't want to get cold or ruin my blazer so I swapped it for this jumper and add a hat for extra warmth. It was an easy transitional outfit. But I'd happily wear both of them in the day depending on my mood and how lazy I was feeling. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Girls Night

Jumper - Pull & Bear
Skirt - ASOS
Boots - Primark 

Last night I went for a delicious and completely filling dinner with my best friend Molly. She goes back to uni soon and we wanted a nice evening before she goes back. I've wanted to wear this skirt for ages but not really had a chance too. It was a sale bargain and I love the fit. I love this skirt as I have some bad burn scars on my right leg and this skirt with the front panel covers, which is awesome. The only downside of this skirt was after stuffing my face and belly I was ready to burst and needed an elastic waist band or pyjamas. 

What's in my college bag?

Bag - Primark 
Body Spray - Body Shop
Note Pad - Ryman
Purse - Topshop
Orange pouch - H&M
Pencil Case - Happy Jackson

As I'm back to college next week I've decided to start organising myself. That obviously starts with my bag. I bought this bag specifically for college as the various compartments are a hope that I will be super organised. It is very similar to the Zara city bag but at a small fraction of the price. I've got all my boring bits like my pencil case (which is actually quite funny) and my little notepad which contain all my various To Do lists. I also have my diary, another vain hope for organisation. I like to have little pouch's and purse's for all my bits and bobs. In my orange pouch I have lip balm, chewing gum and my keys. In my home made pouch I have all my emergency bits: hair grips, a mirror, paracetamol, a nail file, plasters, more lip balm etc. All those REALLY useful emergency bits, or so I tell myself. Then I always have deodorant, body spray and headphones. Headphones are great for those early morning journeys and mainly to keep me awake on the bus.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

What to wear?

 Pinterest board - What to wear?

Just a quick post today, I thought I'd just share some outfit inspiration from my Pinterest. I have a board where I just collect images of outfits and clothing items I like. It's great to look at on those days when you don't know what to wear.