Monday, 15 September 2014

Warm Additions

Dress - Primark
Top - Topshop
Shoes - Seven Boot Lane
Socks - ASOS (similar)
Hat - My Dad's 

My new college time table allows me a long leisurely morning to get ready and chill out after working all weekend. I took advantage of this and had a really chilled morning getting ready and covering up the various spots on my face. Not sure what it is but my skin hates me right now and is erupting all sorts of gigantic spots and nasties on my face. The joys of being a girl. The sun has popped out today so I decided to wear a dress but by adding this crop top underneath it adds a little warmth as the sun may be out but it isn't all that hot. That is also why I added these socks, that and they are a super cute addition. Anyway I've just got back from college and was hoping this evening, after nearly a week, I'd be picking up my car but has to be tomorrow now. Erghh anyway I'm off to be grumpy.