Thursday, 29 August 2013

Girl Next Door

Today I'm feeling like I should be the 'girl next door' in an American film.

On Bank Holiday Monday, I was lucky enough to be treated by Alex to a shopping trip. And the cherry on top, he was paying! Best day ever.

This cute new dress, is a floral print in black and white (my favourite!). It was £8 for Primark, I had to get a size 14 as the sleeves are very tight. I paired the dress with my White All Star Converse, they look great with cute dresses and jeans. Converse are great!

I had to get a new rucksack as my aztec, monochrome rucksack is falling apart. I have been using it everyday, and it is from Primark so that is the risk you take. I got this leather rucksack from Primark also but it was around £10 and feels more stronger than my previous one. I love the hardware on the rucksack.
Unlike me I had my hair tied up today, you can see the red/pink that I have dip dyed in the ends of my hair.

Also check out my latest Inspired Magazine, It is four of my favourite places to shop, from each shop I've chosen outfits for under £50.

Much Love

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Stealing the clothes off your boyfriend's back

This morning I was getting ready, and not even in my bursting full wardrobe could I find a cardigan/jacket to wear. When on the floor I seen my boyfriend's shirt, he won't mind if I borrow his NEW shirt. Woops.
He didn't mind, he was too sleepy to barely notice.
I love oversized clothes, I think I may have to buy this shirt for myself now.

The shirt is New Look  men's section, it is only £14.99 which I think is what swayed me to think about buying it. I've been looking for a shirt like this as they look great tied around the waist, to achieve a grungy look.
My beanie hat which has featured in blog post a lot recently is also from New Look, and from the Men's section...woops.
I'm wearing my black high top All Star Converse, they look green now as I left them in the rain. I'm pretty useless.

My skirt is ASOS, I bought it for £14 in the sale. I was looking for a denim skater skirt for ages and found a lot of them were overpriced. I thought £14 was a fair amount to pay for a good quality denim skirt.
My t shirt is from Primark, I'm loving the baseball influenced t shirts at the moment. This one was only £4 and I love the netted shoulder detail, it makes the top slightly more feminine. My trusty rucksack as you may know from previous posts, is from Primark also and was only £6.
To make this outfit more feminine I added a dark red lipstick. I popped on my Rimmel Exaggerate LipLiner, the shade I have is 'Red Diva'. As this is a vibrant red I added my Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick, the shade 'starry eyed'. I think Rimmel is the best lipstick for the high street/ drug store lipsticks.

Catch my latest Inspired Magazine article, Splendid Smocks. The link for that is here

Much Love

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Winning smiles

I'm absolutely ecstatic today! This led to a spontaneous blog post for today.
From my previous posts you may know I entered a competition to write as a guest blogger for Inspired Magazine. I won! I found out at 2 o'clock today and since haven't been able to stop smiling and sharing the fantastic news. This led to this blog post, I was saving this outfit for a post tomorrow but as I'm wearing it today and I want to share the news with all my fantastic followers I thought 'why wait?'.
I have a gorgeous jacket that I want to share with you all as well, I just couldn't wait until tomorrow.

I haven't been sleeping well lately so excuse my exhausted face.
I bought this lovely jacket in Primark on when I was working in London. It was £25, which is great as if this jacket was in Urban Outfitters it could be up to twice as much.
I love the ethnic pattern and shape of the waterfall style jacket. The faux leather sleeves and a edgy, rock chic vibe which I love.
I paired the jacket with my latest Asos jeans and Asos oversized t shirt.
My shoes are from Primark, I got these a few months ago for around £12.

Here is a closer at the print of the jacket. I fell in love with it.
I'm wearing my Ethics eagle necklace which I love, I'm also wearing a gorgeous dreamcatcher necklace which I received from my family for my 18th birthday.
The necklaces keep in style with the ethnic print of the jacket.

I just want to finish this post with a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who voted for me!
I'm absolutely chuffed, I can't wait to start writing and really hope you will all feel your votes are worthwhile. It really does feel like a dream come true as I get to write about fashion which is all I've wanted to do.
Thank you everyone!
Love to all of you

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Monochrome madness

Hi everyone, I had a great weekend and thought I would share my outfit with you that I wore out on Saturday night.
As you may know I love wearing black, but this time I've mixed it up with adding some white.
It was quite a brave outfit for me as I don't often show a lot of skin, but I bared my stomach.

My lace crop top is from New Look, I grabbed this around Christmas time. My beanie is also from New Look.
My jeans are Pieces Black Jegging from Asos, I got these in the sale for £12.
My rucksack is from Primark, I grabbed this when I was in London last week for £6.
Finally my shoes are my All Star white Converse, which I love. They are so comfy and look great with jeans.

On the left picture you can see a closer look at the lace detailing on my croptop.
Also you can see a better view of my rucksack, I've avoided this trend for a while but decided this one was really cool and at £6 I couldn't resist. Now I can't stop using it!
I've rolled up the bottoms of my jeans, I do this to all my jeans, I don't like it when they scrunch at the bottom as they are too long. I think it looks much better to have them rolled up.

I even kept the monochrome theme going with these false nails from Primark. I'm not really into fake nails, however these were only a £1 and I loved the pattern so gave them a go. For a £1 they stayed on perfectly and looked great, if you are passing through Primark definitely pick some up even if they are just for a night out, they add a great touch.

Much love,

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Back In Black

I'm back to London today for work again.
I thought to fit with this I would do a blog post about my formal outfit I am wearing.
I have to look smart and formal as I'm working for a client of the company.
If you've followed my blog for a while you will probably know by now that I love wearing black.
It is so easy to wear, looks so slimming, I just love it!
So what is better than an almost all black outfit?

Excuse my extreme pout.
My blouse was on sale in Tesco for only £4 and it is such a great, practical piece to own.
My cardigan is from Primark, I picked it up last week when I was working in London for £14. I love it.
My jeans were on sale on the Asos website. They are Pieces Black Jegging and cost only £12.
My necklace is from Newlook and was only £6.99. Then of course I'm wearing my trust orange Asos sandals. They look very high end and comfy making them perfect to strut round London in.

If you read my last blog post you will also know, I have entered a competition to write as a guest blogger in Inspire Magazine. However I need everyones help, to win this fantastic opportunity that I really don't want to miss out on.

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Hope you've enjoyed today's post much love to all of you 

Monday, 5 August 2013

I need you!

Hi everyone, sorry for not blogging last week. I was in fact working in London.
However I have a great opportunity to share with you all that I'm really excited about.
I have entered a competition to write as a guest blogger in Inspire Magazine.
This is such an exciting and fantastic opportunity that I really don't want to miss out on.
Therefore I need your help!
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Once you have liked both of the links above, you have voted for me to win the chance to write a piece for Inspire Magazine and it is as simple as that.
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I have one outfit to share with you all today, it is an
outfit I am wearing today and loving.
It is something a bit different for me it is a sporty/
boyfriend look.

My top is a baseball style t shirt with contrasting colour sleeves and netting on the shoulders. It is from Primark and was only £4. Such a bargain.

My trousers are from River Island's, Black tube pants. They are similar to the disco pants but these aren't as shiny. This makes them much easier to wear during the day, unlike the disco pants.

On my feet I'm wearing my All Star white converse. I love converse, they are so comfy and look great with such a variety of outfits.

The necklace and bobble hat I am wearing are both from Newlook. I bought the hat a few years ago and the necklace earlier this year.

A close up of the netting.
A close up of my necklace and shoulder detail on the top. 

I love this look, it is very casual but still flattering with the fitted trousers. 
The necklace adds a feminine touch and glamour to the outfit. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please vote for me in the links at the beginning of this post, remember you must like my photo and the Inspired Magazine facebook page for your vote to count.
See you soon