Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Monochrome madness

Hi everyone, I had a great weekend and thought I would share my outfit with you that I wore out on Saturday night.
As you may know I love wearing black, but this time I've mixed it up with adding some white.
It was quite a brave outfit for me as I don't often show a lot of skin, but I bared my stomach.

My lace crop top is from New Look, I grabbed this around Christmas time. My beanie is also from New Look.
My jeans are Pieces Black Jegging from Asos, I got these in the sale for £12.
My rucksack is from Primark, I grabbed this when I was in London last week for £6.
Finally my shoes are my All Star white Converse, which I love. They are so comfy and look great with jeans.

On the left picture you can see a closer look at the lace detailing on my croptop.
Also you can see a better view of my rucksack, I've avoided this trend for a while but decided this one was really cool and at £6 I couldn't resist. Now I can't stop using it!
I've rolled up the bottoms of my jeans, I do this to all my jeans, I don't like it when they scrunch at the bottom as they are too long. I think it looks much better to have them rolled up.

I even kept the monochrome theme going with these false nails from Primark. I'm not really into fake nails, however these were only a £1 and I loved the pattern so gave them a go. For a £1 they stayed on perfectly and looked great, if you are passing through Primark definitely pick some up even if they are just for a night out, they add a great touch.

Much love,

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