Thursday, 8 August 2013

Back In Black

I'm back to London today for work again.
I thought to fit with this I would do a blog post about my formal outfit I am wearing.
I have to look smart and formal as I'm working for a client of the company.
If you've followed my blog for a while you will probably know by now that I love wearing black.
It is so easy to wear, looks so slimming, I just love it!
So what is better than an almost all black outfit?

Excuse my extreme pout.
My blouse was on sale in Tesco for only £4 and it is such a great, practical piece to own.
My cardigan is from Primark, I picked it up last week when I was working in London for £14. I love it.
My jeans were on sale on the Asos website. They are Pieces Black Jegging and cost only £12.
My necklace is from Newlook and was only £6.99. Then of course I'm wearing my trust orange Asos sandals. They look very high end and comfy making them perfect to strut round London in.

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Hope you've enjoyed today's post much love to all of you 


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