Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Winning smiles

I'm absolutely ecstatic today! This led to a spontaneous blog post for today.
From my previous posts you may know I entered a competition to write as a guest blogger for Inspired Magazine. I won! I found out at 2 o'clock today and since haven't been able to stop smiling and sharing the fantastic news. This led to this blog post, I was saving this outfit for a post tomorrow but as I'm wearing it today and I want to share the news with all my fantastic followers I thought 'why wait?'.
I have a gorgeous jacket that I want to share with you all as well, I just couldn't wait until tomorrow.

I haven't been sleeping well lately so excuse my exhausted face.
I bought this lovely jacket in Primark on when I was working in London. It was £25, which is great as if this jacket was in Urban Outfitters it could be up to twice as much.
I love the ethnic pattern and shape of the waterfall style jacket. The faux leather sleeves and a edgy, rock chic vibe which I love.
I paired the jacket with my latest Asos jeans and Asos oversized t shirt.
My shoes are from Primark, I got these a few months ago for around £12.

Here is a closer at the print of the jacket. I fell in love with it.
I'm wearing my Ethics eagle necklace which I love, I'm also wearing a gorgeous dreamcatcher necklace which I received from my family for my 18th birthday.
The necklaces keep in style with the ethnic print of the jacket.

I just want to finish this post with a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who voted for me!
I'm absolutely chuffed, I can't wait to start writing and really hope you will all feel your votes are worthwhile. It really does feel like a dream come true as I get to write about fashion which is all I've wanted to do.
Thank you everyone!
Love to all of you