Friday, 24 May 2013

Green nails and monochrome.

I've had a very lovely week fashion and beauty wise, everything else hasn't been so great. I had to have a filling this week and I hate the dentist, not them personally just them jabbing and drilling etc. But I won't bore you with my teeth trauma anymore. 

My nail varnish addiction struck again this week and I went all out on my nails using three different nail varnishes. 
My nails this week. 
I used the Barry M gelly hi shine nail varnish in 'Watermelon' as a base colour for all my nails the link for that is here Barry M nail varnish, on the Boots website it is called dark green. This was just for a base of a green colour to then apply my Topshop nail varnish. This is in the picture above is the middle nail varnish, the colour is 'Eclipse' and the link for that is here...Eclipse nail varnish.  I then just added to my ring finger on each hand a layer of multi coloured glitter nail varnish, this nail varnish is from Primark and is like £2.00. I don't have a link for that one but I've seen a similar one in Urban Outfitters. So hope you like my green shiny nails.

So I received another lovely goodie from Ethics, in case you missed my last blog post about them the link for that is here...Ethics blog post. This time it was clothing and by clothing I mean a gorgeous machine embroidered shirt. It was £30 but worth every penny as I choose what design I wanted and the shirt also.
This a close up of the design.
I'd seen this design on a denim shirt and loved the design but wanted it on a oversized white shirt instead. I messaged Sarah who is so lovely and she said no problem and within no time my shirt was in my arms. Here's a link to my shirt on the Ethics Facebook page before it arrived with me... the shirt. I love the shirt the colours are gorgeous and the detail is amazing, I love to support Ethics as I'm a small blogger at the moment and we can help each other out which is great for everyone. I decided to wear this shirt with a high low black sheer skirt which I brought in Newlook last year. I also wore my Primark faux leather tassle jacket and some of my mums boots. For accessories I wore my eagle necklace which is also from Ethics as mentioned above. 
The link for the Ethics facebook page is here... Ethics, you can see all new items added and message on anything you are interested in or any customisation you may require.
The whole ensemble. 
I thought the look was very strong as the outfit majority is black but the white shirt with the lovely detailing of the feathers stands out against the black. I really loved this look, as you probably know by now I love wearing black so this outfit really was perfect for me and I was very happy with the outcome. 

Now just because I love you guys I have another look to show you, I know I spoil you. It's another monochrome look as I love the trend as I find it so easy to style and wear. Also I love the look as all the clothing except the shoes are from Ebay and in total all the clothing cost around £15 (including postage) which is a total bargain! I started the look with a monochrome geometric/aztec patterned tight skirt. It's almost like a pencil skirt but not with so much fitting towards the bottom of the skirt. The skirt is unbranded so can't help you guys with that sorry. I then added a oversized some what cropped loose knit t shirt jumper. It's black but has a silver sparkle running through all the jumper, the jumper is from H&M. I then teamed the outfit with a white fitted blazer which is from Next and I brought from Ebay last month.

My boots are from Tesco and are flat sort of Chelsea boots. My necklace is a tribal looking necklace with turquoise beads for embellishment, this is from Primark and was only £3 which I thought was very cheap as the necklace does look expensive. 

On my face I have neutral make up as usual but I wore a orange/coral coloured lipstick to add some vibrant colour to the look. The lipstick is by Rimmel (as are a lot of my lipsticks) and is number 210 'Coral in Gold', it's quite sheer,  I wear a lip tint underneath the lipstick as a base. The lipstick has a nice orange, golden colour which I find suits a tanned/olive skin colour really well. 
For my hair I put a few loose curls through it and pulled a small section of hair back on each side and secured it in place with some bobby pins. 
Hope you've enjoyed the new post and keep sharing and following as it is so appreciated.
Thanks everyone x

Monday, 13 May 2013

Hi again, I just want to start by saying thanks to everyone's amazing support. 
I'm now well on my way to a total of 1000 views, and I'm bloody chuffed. I decided to do a more formal/office look for this post. I work in an office so I like to look smart but of course chic too. Now because the weather in the UK has decided to take a uni turn and is grumpy and grey again my outfit isn't practical for the Summer/ Hot weather. However to brighten the outfit and my mood, I worse a mustard yellow jumper. This allows for the well needed warmth but the colour brightens the outfit for a Spring/Summer feel. 
Excuse the poor quality photo

The jumper is from H&M but I snapped it up from Ebay, likewise with the trousers they are unbranded but I got them from Ebay. The necklace is from Newlook and I think it was around £8 which is a fair amount but I love a statement necklace as I've mentioned and has gotten a lot of wear. The belt is a tooled leather belt which I found in a charity shop for just 99p. The belt again has had a lot of wear as it goes lovely with so many things. Now the shoes I wore are again my studded Primark shoes which I've mentioned so many times since buying as they are perfect with EVERYTHING (well not everything). I would highly recommend getting down to your nearest Primark and grabbing a pair especially as the are only £10. 
The complete outfit 
The outfit is perfect for a smart casual office or event or even just day to day. I totally adore mustard yellow, I find it compliments my tanned skin quite well (thanks Grandma). The gold and black detailing in my necklace co-insides with my black tailored trousers which have gold zips. I also think the gold and black theme compliments the golden tones in my jumper so the outfits colours as a whole compliment each other very well. To make the outfit suitable for meetings I decided to add a tweed sort of style blazer. The blazer is from H&M and I brought it last year there for just £20 which I think is a bargain for its quality and impressive appearance. It has suede brown elbow patches which give it a countryside feel, which has been quite on trend with tweed jackets and also wax jackets. The blazer also looks great with a blouse and skinny jeans or even for  boyish look skinny jeans and a over sized t-shirt. You could also add a pair of heels or heeled boots with the outfit for a dinner date etc.
My dashing blazer. 
Excuse the photo, isn't very flattering. For make-up I'm not sure if you can see but I kept a blank canvas just some foundation and mascara but I did add a bold (ish) pink lipstick with it, the best colour I could use to describe it is 'magenta'. My camera isn't fab so I must apologies for all my photos on my blog so far not being excellent. 
Hope you enjoy this quick little post and hold out for a big post on Wednesday.
See you soon :)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hello everyone, new blog post time and I've been loving the sunshine and warm weather. I think the weather is an instant mood booster, especially after such a gloomy weather start to the year. I've posted a sneak peak of one of my outfit's for this blog on Monday on my instagram, twitter and facebook. If you haven't seen it already I hope you like it.
My t-shirt is a white oversized t-shirt from ASOS, link here... it was only £12 and it is nice and light weight for the summer. I've tucked it into my new grey skinny jeans also from ASOS in the sale. They are the brand Vila and have a slight stretch/elaticated feel to the fabric which makes they comfortable and easy to wear. The link for these jeans is here...
My casual outfit 
I'm also wearing my eagle necklace again, I posted about this is my last blog, I love it as it is really versatile and looks great with some many things. I wore this outfit with some flat boots which surprisingly I picked up from Tesco. 

However after this look the weather has again declined in to typical UK rainy weather. To keep myself a bit warmer in this disappointing weather I teamed these jeans with a monochrome striped long sleeve top instead. Again with my eagle necklace and my faux leather jacket which I posted about recently and is from Primark. My necklace is from Ethics My top I stole off my mum, however I know similar ones are fairly easy to come across.

The outfit as a whole.  Sorry I look so grumpy.
The basics.
ASOS also offer a great postage deal called 'collect plus', it allows you to pick up your items for free from a local convenient shop or supermarket if they have the service. This helps save on postage if you've spent a lot of money on your order, saves you spending any more. 

My jacket, stripes and eagle.
 I wore the outfit with my new, comfy and heavy embellished loafers from Primark, which is mentioned in my recent post. They were just a tenner and totally worth it to add some glamour to a otherwise black and white colour pallet.

My saviours. 
And for my finish my favourite cosmetic/hygiene product at the moment, it's the Dove 'original' compressed deodorant  I love this product as it's a gentle deodorant with vitamin E and also the new compressed cans are a lot smaller. This means it is perfect to fit in your handbag without loosing any of the product. Perfect for the hot summer weather. I always carry deodorant and perfume with me so these new cans save me a lot of handbag space. 
Also if you haven't seen please check out, hype and fan on my lookbook. The link for that is here... it is also on a widget on the right hand side of my blog. You can see all my latest looks and who I've hyped about and therefore the outfits I'm loving. Also follow me on instagram at  Stepintomycloset7 and my twitter is @Charlottie7890. Let me guys know what you think, what I could improve on and also whether I should start a Youtube channel as I've been told I should. 
Hope you've enjoyed my post and have a fantastic week.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Good day my lovely readers, so I said I brought a lot of things so here are a few more goodies for you gorgeous people. I stumbled completely luckily upon a Facebook page by a designer/seller of vintage/ethnic clothing and jewellery and she also up-cycles items. I particularly love the denim jackets with gorgeous machine embroidery on the back, which have fantastic detail. Upon stumbling upon this page a new post had been posted on the page for a variety of stunning ethnic looking necklaces. I snapped one up for just £9.50 (including postage) and it's my new favourite piece of statement jewellery. I adore a top notch statement necklace and this one cuts the mustard. I love the design as it has a Eyptian style to it and the price and everything about this seller's items. The brand is called 'Ethics' and I will post their facebook link here...
Close up, I love all the detail and the central focus
on the turquoise colour.

Enjoying my necklace in the sunshine.
The great advantage of this lovely necklace is that it's on a suede cord, you can simply tie a knot in the cord to shorten the necklace to whatever length takes your fancy. I did this for the photo above. I wore this lovely necklace with a black oversized tunic which has a slit either side, I brought this from Topshop for £10 in the sale on my trip to Bristol. I teamed the top with a pair of high waisted denim shorts I grabbed last year off Ebay but they are fairly common and easy to pick up.

I belted up my shorts with the belt above, the belt cost me just £2 from good old Primark. It adds some edge to the outfit with the gold arrows. As for shoes I wore my new black shoes, which I mentioned in my last post, which are super comfy. 

I lovely a jiggly arm of bracelets, I wore my BN bargains watch which was just £3.99 and is a replacement for a Burberry watch I had which is currently not working. I brought the faux silver box chain bracelet from Ebay for just 99p the link for that is here... and the sterling silver tribal/ethnic bangle is from Ebay for a few quid.

My bling arm. 
My sunglasses featured in a picture above and below picture I got last year in Primark's men section for £1 in the sale, but I'm sure similar ones are available on either Ebay, Primark or any highstreet shop.
My shades! 
As it wasn't as warm and sunny as it has been I teamed the whole out fit with my new faux leather jacket from Primark on my trip to Bristol. I got the jacket for just £10! It has a western feel to it as it has some lovely tassles on it.
Chilling in my garden. 
In total this outfit, including my necklace and arm candy, cost me around £50 which is an absolute steal. It's a lovely Spring outfit as its warm enough to wear in the minimal sun we have in the UK. 
The complete outfit, hope you all like it as much as I do. 
Hope you've enjoyed my post and thanks for everyone's support. See you for my next post, have a lovely weekend. 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Right so exciting news I've started a new apprenticeship this week for a company which tests cosmetics. And not to fear it's not on animals, we gain volunteers who sign up to our website which is You can sign up, fill out your details and start gaining free samples to try out as long as you complete a simple questionnaire or focus group etc. I'd recommend you sign up and it's not just UK based.
Anyway to celebrate this good news I went on a little shopping trip to Bristol, my lovely home town. I brought a fair amount of things so I won't blog about them all today just a few of my absolute fave items. Starting with (again) a pair of gorgeous shoes, which are from Primark and they cost a baragain £10, they are lovely and comfortable and very versatile. I would wear these to work, going out anywhere I could show them off.

Lovely side view, buckle fastening 

T- bar style and pyramid stud embellishment 
I also snapped up a beautiful pair of more Summery shoes, which will be perfect for my Summer trip to Thailand (sooooo excited for that). These shoes are again from Primark and again a great bargain at £12. They have lovely beading and jewel embellishment for a luxury look at a high street price, plus they are super comfy.
Gorgeous shoes 

I think they will look great with some denim shorts 
I also picked up a new lipstick, I love a vibrant, bold lipstick to spice up an outfit. I brought a Wet n Wild lipstick in 901A Mocha Bean. It's a lovely rich brown, Mocha Bean is a great name as it is a perfect description. The lipstick moisturise the lips really well as well as giving gorgeous colour. I picked this one up from ebay for just £1.60 on sale but is normally £1.78 which is still very cheap and good quality  I will be definitely buying more colours, the link for the Ebay shop is here---->
How the lipstick looks in its packaging.

How the lipstick looks on my lips 

Hope you've enjoyed this post and thanks for everyone's support. I will blog next on an order I've placed from ASOS. See you soon x