Friday, 3 May 2013

Good day my lovely readers, so I said I brought a lot of things so here are a few more goodies for you gorgeous people. I stumbled completely luckily upon a Facebook page by a designer/seller of vintage/ethnic clothing and jewellery and she also up-cycles items. I particularly love the denim jackets with gorgeous machine embroidery on the back, which have fantastic detail. Upon stumbling upon this page a new post had been posted on the page for a variety of stunning ethnic looking necklaces. I snapped one up for just £9.50 (including postage) and it's my new favourite piece of statement jewellery. I adore a top notch statement necklace and this one cuts the mustard. I love the design as it has a Eyptian style to it and the price and everything about this seller's items. The brand is called 'Ethics' and I will post their facebook link here...
Close up, I love all the detail and the central focus
on the turquoise colour.

Enjoying my necklace in the sunshine.
The great advantage of this lovely necklace is that it's on a suede cord, you can simply tie a knot in the cord to shorten the necklace to whatever length takes your fancy. I did this for the photo above. I wore this lovely necklace with a black oversized tunic which has a slit either side, I brought this from Topshop for £10 in the sale on my trip to Bristol. I teamed the top with a pair of high waisted denim shorts I grabbed last year off Ebay but they are fairly common and easy to pick up.

I belted up my shorts with the belt above, the belt cost me just £2 from good old Primark. It adds some edge to the outfit with the gold arrows. As for shoes I wore my new black shoes, which I mentioned in my last post, which are super comfy. 

I lovely a jiggly arm of bracelets, I wore my BN bargains watch which was just £3.99 and is a replacement for a Burberry watch I had which is currently not working. I brought the faux silver box chain bracelet from Ebay for just 99p the link for that is here... and the sterling silver tribal/ethnic bangle is from Ebay for a few quid.

My bling arm. 
My sunglasses featured in a picture above and below picture I got last year in Primark's men section for £1 in the sale, but I'm sure similar ones are available on either Ebay, Primark or any highstreet shop.
My shades! 
As it wasn't as warm and sunny as it has been I teamed the whole out fit with my new faux leather jacket from Primark on my trip to Bristol. I got the jacket for just £10! It has a western feel to it as it has some lovely tassles on it.
Chilling in my garden. 
In total this outfit, including my necklace and arm candy, cost me around £50 which is an absolute steal. It's a lovely Spring outfit as its warm enough to wear in the minimal sun we have in the UK. 
The complete outfit, hope you all like it as much as I do. 
Hope you've enjoyed my post and thanks for everyone's support. See you for my next post, have a lovely weekend. 

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  1. Love your style, so cool!