Monday, 30 June 2014

Primark Picks


Last Friday I headed to London for the New Designers exhibition. It was lovely to see all the new designers work and also the various universities work styles and specialities. I wasn't really allowed to take many photos as the designers want to protect their work etc. Absolut Vodka were sponsoring the event so I got a few snaps of some of the past bottle designs, in the Andy Warhol design you can see my reflection (good camera skills). It was held in Islington so after having a good walk around the exhibition I headed to Five Guys for a cheeky burger and then to Hammersmith for a little shop before catching the coach home. I headed to Primark and grabbed nearly an entire outfit for under £20. I grabbed these gorgeous items and can't believe how little I paid! The bag and shoes have all ready been used so much and are fast become wardrobe essentials/staples. I can't believe these shoes were just £7 they are almost identical to the Topshop skater shoes. Not only that but they are super comfy and perfect for work and being on your feet all day. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

ASOS Sale Wish List

I'm no stranger to a sale and ASOS's sales are a general favourite of mine. They always have a variety of sale pieces, from basics, brands and unique bargains. I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite ASOS sale items as inspiration or to nab yourself. I've chosen some basic pieces as I like to layer them up and for them to last all year round rather than for just one season. However I also choose some more unique, individual pieces as everyone needs statement wardrobe pieces. I hope you nab yourself a bargain and if so let me know in the comments below or tweet me at @Stepinmycloset or show me on instagram at @stepintomycloset7.

High Five

Shoes - New Look
Jeans - Topshop
T-shirt - Paul Smith

I LOVE THIS BLAZER! Too much? It has become such a staple in my wardrobe despite the warmer weather. It is perfect to pop on in the evenings as it is fairly lightweight but would be perfect in winter to layer over pieces to keep warm too, versatility! It fits like a bloody glove too and it is now in the sale, do you need any more excuses to buy it? I wore this outfit to work, my new job at GAP outlet, minus the blazer as it was boiling hot. The t-shirt was on sale at Kilver Court, I grabbed it for just £10! I'm not one to splash the cash on designer clothes, but a tenner was super reasonable for this t-shirt. 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Festival Florals


   Trousers - Tesco
Cami - Tesco
Shoes - ASOS

It is that time of year again when we flock to festivals for music, mud and beer. Unfortunately I am not though but I have this bargain outfit as festival inspiration. The trousers and top together cost me under a tenner! Absolutely bloody bargain that you wouldn't mind ruining in the mud! I popped into Tesco and seen that had a HUGE clothing sale on and grabbed these goodies. The trousers are bright and funky but still light and airy to keep you cool in the hot crowds. The top is a thin knit again perfect to keep you cool but perfect to layer over a bikini or bralet! This outfit, if it survived the mud, could also be dressed up for a night out by adding a jacket and a pair of heels. 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Day to Night

Kimono - New Look
Dress - H&M
White Sandals - Boohoo
Sunglasses - Camden Market

Dress - H&M
Boots - Similar  
Jacket - Monki (via ASOS)
Belt - Thrifted

 Today I'm going out for a family meal and I've been at college in the day so I thought I'd show you how I take a look from Day to Night. I didn't want to mess around to much, wearing two outfits and thought a how a few simple changes can take a look from day to night. Not only did I change clothes/ accessories, I popped on more make-up. I did a slightly winged eye liner, contoured my face and added some lippy. This is fairly standard, everyday for me but in the day with the sun I haven't been wearing much make-up. 
The evening got much cooler so I had to pop on some warmer layers rather than my gorgeous lace kimono. I'm wearing my gorgeous Monki blazer which was a birthday present (see more on some pressies I got here). I added one of my Primark necklaces on because I was feeling wild. I also added a belt to give me more of a shape so I'm not drowning in my oversized but gorgeous blazer. 

Friday, 13 June 2014

Who likes the mango?

Playsuit - Mango (via ASOS)
Jumper - H&M
Sandals & Necklaces - Primark
Earrings - Regal Rose

Who could not love Mango with this gorgeous versatile playsuit at just £12 (via ASOS). Also did anyone start singing 'who love they mango, they like the mango woah woah woah they like the mango!' just me?! I love this playsuit, in colder weather you can chuck on a jumper, tights and a pair of boots but also wear it for hot weather. You could also go from day to night by swapping the sandals for a pair of heels and you can dance the night away. For £12 I just think you can get so much wear for this playsuit, it is a bargain! Also if you are wondering about the blotchy leg, whilst in London I spilt a just boiled kettle of water on my thigh, sober also may I add! 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Birthday Goodies

Record Player - Urban Outfitters
Blazer - Monki (via ASOS)
Tea Tree set - The Body Shop 
Earrings - Regal Rose

By no means this post is me showing off what I got for my birthday but I just thought you guys might like to have a nosey at the things I was lucky enough to receive. I know I like a good nose. I was given some really thoughtful awesome gifts. My number one is my record player, I've been lusting over one for ages and this one from Urban Outfitters is just perfect! Closely second is my Monki blazer, it fits so nicely and looks great with skinny jeans and my nikes (an outfit post of this will be up soon no doubt!). I love the petrol gemstone earrings, they are just something unique and will jazz up any outfit. I'm also looking forward to trying out the tea tree range to try and shift some of my stubborn blackheads, gross I know! I'm so grateful for all my presents and a massive thank you to you all! 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Birthday Shenanigans

On the Saturday I turned 19 and thought I would share with you guys a couple photos from the weekend. Later this week I will do a post on some of the gorgeous things I was lucky enough to be given. I had an awesome birthday and thank you to everyone! In the day I went for breakfast with all my family, then later had lunch with Alex. I ate a lot of food that day. I then spent the evening getting ready with my best friend Molly and listening to records on my new record player. How awesome was my burger styled birthday cake, cake and burgers what more could a girl want?! As for Sunday, I ate a lot of hangover food and was sprawled in my bed for the majority of the day! 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Camden Buys


As I mentioned in my last blog post, London Exploring, we went round Camden market on our first day in London. I couldn't resist buying some gorgeous bits and pieces. My first buy was the sunglasses, which my mum actually bought as when I went to pay for them I found I had lost my purse. I returned (well I ran through the market trying not to cry) to where we had eaten and found it untouched under the seat I had sat on, I know luck doesn't cut it! The glasses are green/yellow reflective lens and I love them. 
I love jewellery and I couldn't resist the bracelet and ring. The bracelet was just £12, how could I say no?! But my favourite or most unique purchase was the shirt bag. They had loads of different styles and colours but this was my favourite. It goes with pretty much all my clothes and I just love it! It has lots of little pockets, including the front under the collar. It has plenty of room and is perfect for my needs. I'd love to know what is your favourite item I bought so comment below, or tweet me @Stepinmycloset.

Monday, 2 June 2014

London Exploring

I'm back from London and I had a great time! We spent the first day arriving in Camden and exploring. We went all round the markets, grab some delicious food and bought some goodies. I'll be doing a blog post later this week on all the bits and bobs I picked up on my travels. Whilst walking around we spotted some guys in kilts, this resulted in my Mum pulling up one of the guys kilts exposing his bare bum to the world (with his permission!). 
 On the second day we went to Oxford street and took on Primark, it was intense and I only bought a few bits (a surprise, I know). We then travelled to Shoreditch for dinner and we explored all the graffiti pictures above are from Shoreditch. If you haven't been to that area it's worth a visit for the graffiti and all the great vintage shops (my favourite is Blitz London). On our last day we spent some time in Convent Garden, we went to Five Guys. Five Guys if you haven't been is sort of like an Amercian dinner and is one of the BEST burgers I've had. It is a must stop for me when I go to London.