Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Camden Buys


As I mentioned in my last blog post, London Exploring, we went round Camden market on our first day in London. I couldn't resist buying some gorgeous bits and pieces. My first buy was the sunglasses, which my mum actually bought as when I went to pay for them I found I had lost my purse. I returned (well I ran through the market trying not to cry) to where we had eaten and found it untouched under the seat I had sat on, I know luck doesn't cut it! The glasses are green/yellow reflective lens and I love them. 
I love jewellery and I couldn't resist the bracelet and ring. The bracelet was just £12, how could I say no?! But my favourite or most unique purchase was the shirt bag. They had loads of different styles and colours but this was my favourite. It goes with pretty much all my clothes and I just love it! It has lots of little pockets, including the front under the collar. It has plenty of room and is perfect for my needs. I'd love to know what is your favourite item I bought so comment below, or tweet me @Stepinmycloset.

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