Friday, 28 November 2014


 T-shirt - ASOS
Jeans - DIY
Blazer - Monki
Boots & Bag - Primark 
Hat - My dad's 

So this is an outfit I actually wore months ago for a work leavers meal, hence the longer, non green hair. It was a great night and everyone had a real laugh plus yummy food. However I saved this outfit as I was asked by a local newspaper if they could feature my image in their weekend style column. I think it is clear my go to lazy outfit is jeans(generally black) and a oversized t-shirt either with my blazer or a shirt around my waist. It is a great quick, casual and stylish (if I say so myself) outfit. 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Layer it up

Jeans - Topshop 
Boots, bag & shirt - Primark 
T shirt - H&M 
Leather Jacket - My brothers 
Bird skull necklace - Shop Dixi
Bar necklace - ASOS
Teeth necklace - Black Tied

Just a casual layered up autumn/ winter outfit. Excuse the slightly poor quality photos, I took them on my phone. I love layering, clothes, jewellery, rings anything just layer it up. It was a really crisp, frosty day and this outfit was all kinds of cosy, mainly due to my brother's coat draping over me like a big hug. 

Monday, 24 November 2014


Cropped jumper - Pull & Bear
Tank top & trousers - H&M
Necklace - eBay

A few weeks ago I decided to change up my hair, I had it chopped off and a load of green put in by the lovely Kennedy. I was inspired my Kylie Jenner, who isn't at the minute? The colour has faded in this photos but I can't wait to have  it done again. This was just a really casual college outfit but I loved the loose layers perfect for Winter. 

Saturday, 15 November 2014


If you follow my blog or instagram even my twitter you may have noticed I've been a little awol these last few months. Without going into too much detail, we saddly lost my brother back in September hence my absence. I don't really want to discuss it right now and would appreciate everyone respecting this. But I just want you guys to know what's been happening and that I will continue to blog but maybe not very regularly. I miss blogging though and sharing my latest outfits and inspiration but with everything that has been going on and trying to keep up with college my blog has defintely had to take a back seat. But I just thought I'd give you a little update.