Monday, 13 May 2013

Hi again, I just want to start by saying thanks to everyone's amazing support. 
I'm now well on my way to a total of 1000 views, and I'm bloody chuffed. I decided to do a more formal/office look for this post. I work in an office so I like to look smart but of course chic too. Now because the weather in the UK has decided to take a uni turn and is grumpy and grey again my outfit isn't practical for the Summer/ Hot weather. However to brighten the outfit and my mood, I worse a mustard yellow jumper. This allows for the well needed warmth but the colour brightens the outfit for a Spring/Summer feel. 
Excuse the poor quality photo

The jumper is from H&M but I snapped it up from Ebay, likewise with the trousers they are unbranded but I got them from Ebay. The necklace is from Newlook and I think it was around £8 which is a fair amount but I love a statement necklace as I've mentioned and has gotten a lot of wear. The belt is a tooled leather belt which I found in a charity shop for just 99p. The belt again has had a lot of wear as it goes lovely with so many things. Now the shoes I wore are again my studded Primark shoes which I've mentioned so many times since buying as they are perfect with EVERYTHING (well not everything). I would highly recommend getting down to your nearest Primark and grabbing a pair especially as the are only £10. 
The complete outfit 
The outfit is perfect for a smart casual office or event or even just day to day. I totally adore mustard yellow, I find it compliments my tanned skin quite well (thanks Grandma). The gold and black detailing in my necklace co-insides with my black tailored trousers which have gold zips. I also think the gold and black theme compliments the golden tones in my jumper so the outfits colours as a whole compliment each other very well. To make the outfit suitable for meetings I decided to add a tweed sort of style blazer. The blazer is from H&M and I brought it last year there for just £20 which I think is a bargain for its quality and impressive appearance. It has suede brown elbow patches which give it a countryside feel, which has been quite on trend with tweed jackets and also wax jackets. The blazer also looks great with a blouse and skinny jeans or even for  boyish look skinny jeans and a over sized t-shirt. You could also add a pair of heels or heeled boots with the outfit for a dinner date etc.
My dashing blazer. 
Excuse the photo, isn't very flattering. For make-up I'm not sure if you can see but I kept a blank canvas just some foundation and mascara but I did add a bold (ish) pink lipstick with it, the best colour I could use to describe it is 'magenta'. My camera isn't fab so I must apologies for all my photos on my blog so far not being excellent. 
Hope you enjoy this quick little post and hold out for a big post on Wednesday.
See you soon :)

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