Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I know, I know, 2015 new year new me blah, blah blah. But after the sad ending to 2014 I decided I wanted to make the most of life as it is what you make of it. I want to push myself to do things out of my comfort zone, I want to look back and be like I went for it. Nothing drastic or anything but I just want to make some cracking memories to look back on and enjoy there and then too. 
I also want to look after my body and skin a little more. I'm not talking diets and skin peels just eating a little more fruit and actually having a skincare routine rather than just using make up wipes (I can hear the beauty bloggers weeping). I'm turning 20 this year, yes 20, did anyone else when turning 20 or like me is turning 20 find this a really monumental grown up stage into adulthood? I'm terrified and will probably spend my birthday crying into a pillow with a bottle of wine. Anyhow I decided my skin needs to be looked after, prevent those wrinkles and what not, a few things I've been loving for this is the Peaches and Clean cleanser for the mornings.
It is really fresh and just wakes up my skin, I wouldn't say it is like a must have or anything but just a nice gentle cleanser to freshen my skin and start the day with.
For my evening cleanser I'm using something a little more heavy duty, the Cleanse and Polish is great, it takes off all my make up and leaves my skin feeling super clean. I'm using this smaller tube as it came as a gift set with the larger tube that has just ran out, so it was handy. I'm working on looking into face masks, serums, eye creams etc. but ya know one thing at a time hey!