Wednesday, 25 March 2015


This is something a little different, something personal. So if you guys don't know I'm currently in college doing my A2 levels in Textiles, Graphic design and Film studies. Textiles is my main focus and passion and that may be clear because of my blog. For my project I've just finished doing we were given the title 'Journey's' back in September and had to create something from there. But as some of you may know sadly my brother passed away in September. As far as creativity and college I was at a total loss and just about ready to give up. I definitely still have days like that. I felt beyond uninspired and had no idea how to progress with college but life kept moving and I had to too. I realised that he wouldn't want me to give up. Therefore I took all the emotion and pain and created something from it. 
I created these three dresses, all using text from my eulogy at his funeral. It is read backwards on the outside of the dresses as it keeps it personal. It is for me. I then for my Film studies coursework created this short film to go alongside the dresses. The film isn't narrative but more to show the dresses in a idyllic, serene setting inspired by what a heavenly place may look like. I just wanted to share my work as I'm proud and with all the negative emotions I'm trying to make something positive. Don't get me wrong it still hurts, but I've created something I think would make him proud. I've created a project all about him and what he means to me something I can always look at and smile.  


  1. It’s such a great post! Awesome! I like your style of writing and your photos!
    I know how much time it requires to keep updating your blog, but don’t stop doing it!)

    Diana Cloudlet