Sunday, 9 June 2013


I've just turned 18, I'm an official adult is the world ready for that?!
I've had a splendid weekend but absolutely shattered now, in need of a detox and some serious sleep. 
I was surrounded by my lovely friends and family who gave me a few surprises, one being a limo to arrive to my party which was so fun. 
I have two outfits to post about one I wore out on a night out with a few friends to have drinks, the other a bit more fancy which I wore for my party with my friends and family.

Mango dress

This was the dress I wore out, I had flats on for the day and wedge peep toe boots in the evening. This dress is from Mango and was in the sale for £29.99. I really love the colours in the dress and the print too, it's very flattering and was comfortable to wear too. 
Me and my friends 

My boots are from H&M and are comfy, except the peep toe rubbed against my toes leaving me with blisters. However you can get blister plasters which are an absolute life saver. 

mini bas relief pendant necklace

 I was also lucky enough to get a Vivienne Westwood necklace from my wonderful boyfriend. I've wanted one for ages, so lucky to finally get one. I wore this necklace with the outfit and had a lovely night with lots of dancing. 

demonstrating my moves
On Saturday I was lucky enough to have a limo to take me to the party, my brothers and boyfriend paid for this so if they are reading THANKS! The company the limo was from is here Somerset-and Eclipse Limousines, the driver was really lovely and we had two bottles of champagne. Inside was a smoke machine, lights and music. It was great fun! 
Few snaps of the limo.
As my dress had quite a high neckline I decided not to wear a necklace and choose this lovely Indian style Pretty Vine Tikka hair clip. It was quite tricky to put into my hair straight but I really liked it. My dress is from Miss Selfridges but I picked it up from eBay for £25. I really loved this dress as it fitted lovely and was quite simple but something a bit different. 

Me and Alex

Me and my girls 

Me and my brother 

I had a lovely weekend, thank you everyone for coming and for everyone's messages, for coming along, cards, presents etc. 


  1. I love that watercolor dress! It's chic and fun. I remember when I turned 18. I felt like my life was good be supr different, it wasn't so no worries :)

    Love your blog! Check out mine… Let me know if you’d like to follow each other! =)
    Lattes & Lacee

  2. Thank you, I really like it! It was so much fun, not sure everyone's ready for me to be an adult!
    Checked out your blog, I'm following you :)

  3. awwww happy birthday!! you seem to have had a wonderful time!!!!!! 18 are..important :P
    great blog love it <3
    many kisses! (would you like to follow each other?)

    1. Thank you I did :) Thank you yes I think we should xxx

    2. greatttt!! i follow you!
      happy birthday agian!!