Friday, 20 February 2015

Flares, If You Dare?

1. Rachel Bass 2. Leanne 3. Rachel Mae

I'm really loving the 70's trends, they are everywhere at the moment for the oncoming Spring and Summer. One piece from this trend I find the most controversial is flares. When generally speaking to people I know about flares, whether they like them or not, the consensus is NO. However I've been seeing flares styled on some bloggers and some of the ASOS Stylists and they just look great. Leanne from Thunder and Threads rocked the flares in an all black ensemble. A few bits of advice I'd give for the flares trend is, no matter your height they definitely look better paired with a heeled shoe. It doesn't have to be a skyscrapper heel but something that adds a little height, this will elongate the leg and look more slimming. If you are shorter, a high waisted pair of flares will elongate your body further and is more flattering.
Flares - Noisy May
Striped Top - Monki
Shoes - Missguided

To give you guys some inspiration on how to wear them, I choose these black denim flares as they are more everyday and simple. Because they are highwaisted I choose a cropped top, the striped top is very chic and day to day. As I mentioned I think flares look best with a heel and I choose these simple chunky black boots.
Flares - Kiss The Sky
Slogan T-shirt - Zara
Off The Shoulder Top - New Look
Boots - H&M
Choker - Topshop 

For this flared inspiration I choose something a little more out there with these printed flares. Again I choose a shoe with a little height, these peep toe boots are a great transitional piece for Winter to Spring and Summer. I choose a more fitted, off the shoulder top for a more feminine, dolled up look.  The cute slogan tee is for a more casual look, it also adds a little fun to the outfit. An extra option is this embellished choker, I just think it just really pulls the outfit together. Let me know if you'll be giving flares a go and how you'll be styling them. 


  1. I love the 70'trend as well! The choker is super lovely!!


  2. I really want to rock the flares again.. but my 13 year old self (who wore flares constantly for 3 years) is screaming 'nooooooo'

  3. Love this blog spot! 70s flares are everywhere at the moment!
    I really like your blog so I've followed you on Blogger and Bloglovin, it would be great if you could follow me back? x

  4. lovely blog, i like your pictures :)
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