Wednesday, 23 October 2013


This morning was a fairly average morning, until the postman arrived. With him he bought a delightful parcel. I thought to myself 'I haven't ordered anything recently'. Inside two gifts from ASOS welcoming me into Access All ASOS. I must admit I freaked out. By freaking out I squealed, screeched, ran around and my hands were shaking. I am so happy, I get to find out inside info and attend events all thanks to my absolute favourite clothing company. I love ASOS's clothing as you guys know, it is frequently in my posts. As you can see in the images above I was given this lovely blood orange neon beanie from ASOS and a Strawberry Crush lip balm. Inside this lovely parcel was also a fortune cookie,  my fortune said 'Many new friends are in your future'.  
The beanie is not something I would normally go for, as you know colour does scary me. 
However I love this beanie it is perfect to brighten my outfits, and it's cosy,perfect for Winter. 
 I paired my beanie from ASOS with my ASOS Oversized T-Shirt, I love to pair this t-shirt with my wetlook leggings (from eBay) and my favourite boots (similar here). My fluffy cardigan is so snug and warm and a steal at just £14 from Primark. 
Thank you ASOS for this opportunity and I hope all you lovely readers look forward to posts involving Access All ASOS. 


  1. I've been hearing about this on Twitter but had no idea about it until today! Your new beanie looks lovely, what a fab surprise! x

    1. Yeah it is exciting stuff! Thank you lovely x

  2. love your cardigan!

  3. You're too gorgeous!! Love the beanie xxx