Monday, 21 October 2013

Manic Monday...

Monday is here again. I work all weekend so spend most of my time in my uniform or pjs. 
When Monday rears it's ugly head I'm a bit out of whack. This morning was no exception, I woke up and forgot how to wear anything! Shortly my brain began to process clothes, and I produced this ensemble above. My jeans are my trusty ASOS, Pieces black skinny jeans. These lovely jeans are now in the sale, I would recommend grabbing yourself a pair. My jumper is a lovely oversized piece I pinched from my mum. I then wore my £10 fair boots (read more about them here...stripey-smocks) I found similar ones on eBay. I've recently got into wearing my black and gold chunky collar necklace from New Look, I can't see it on their site anymore. It just adds some glamour to a winter knit. Then as it was raining today I just chucked on my Primark leather sleeved coat. Hope you are all enjoying wrapping up in cosy clothes as much as me.