Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Jumper - H&M
Skirt, Bag & Shoes - Primark
Teeth Necklace - Black Tied

If you follow my blog you might recognise these Primark pieces from my Primark Picks post. I love the fit of this skirt and it is the second time I've worn it since buying it. Despite it's bold print because it is black and white it is really easy to put with items and doesn't push me too much out of my comfort zone. You'll also probably be familiar with my shoes too. They are the new love of my life and have been in nearly every post since they graced my feet. I've had a couple days off this week so I've been enjoying my free time and today I went for a wonder. I sometimes forget how beautiful some of the places are near where I live. 


  1. love your skirt! :D

    isa |

    1. Thank you! It was only a fiver couldn't resist! x