Monday, 12 May 2014

Barry Island

 Last month or so I took a big jump and meet another blogger to do a photoshoot. I was extremely nervous as I find it hard to meet new people, never mind parade around for photos. But I'm trying to push myself to do more things that scare me and these photos are a good memento. So I jumped onto a train and headed to Barry Island. I meet the beautiful and clever Holly from The Persephone ComplexYou should check out her blog, she is so open and honest, it is super refreshing and at times hilarious. We totally put the world to rights that day, she made me feel so comfortable and we laughed a lot!
The contrast of backgrounds, colours and the overall outcome of the photos is awesome and I'm glad I took the risk. We had a really fun and interesting day. I hope you all like the photos and you all should check out Holly's blog and facebook page Holly Cassell.


  1. nice post girl! im loving your blog! :) ♥♥♥

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  2. love these photos, just checked out the whole shoot and they look great!

    anna at styleskittle x

  3. Oh my gorgeousness! These photos came out beautifully! Really, really, REALLY impressive. :)

  4. Gorgeous! And beautiful pics btw :)

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  5. Fantastic photos love the use of colours and props! Loving your laid back style in the rest of your posts too.

    1. The colour and contrast is awesome, Holly is a great photographer. Thank you! x