Monday, 11 May 2015

Damsel In A Dress

Dress - eBay
Jacket & Jumper - Pull & Bear
Shoes - Seven Boot Lane

 So this was the outfit I was wearing on Friday, when my car decided to break down and I became a damsel in a dress (see what I did there?!) My car was a cheapy fiesta and it finally gave up on life and has joined the local scrap yard, I loved Freddie Fiesta so I was very sad to see him leave me. I'm now on the hunt for a new car and getting a bank loan as I'm a poor student who can't even afford a cheapy fiesta. I'm feeling really stressed out and grown up at the moment, I hate it! I don't want to have to deal with and worry about boring things like bank loans but alas this seems to be all part of growing up! Anyway about the outfit and less of my moaning. I was off out in the evening for a meal at GBK, it was my first time and it was heavenly. I had a pesto and mozzarella chicken burger which was gorgeous, definitely recommend trying that out. I wanted an outfit that I could wear all day and that would still be ok for the evening. This seemed like a perfect mix, a pretty dress, layered with a cropped jumper and my leather jacket. I also added my hat to cover my messy mane, popped on my favourite necklace combo and these leather lace ups. 


  1. Love that jacket !


  2. Love the combo - a leather jacket can never fail in my books ;)

    Creepers and Cupcakes

    1. Thank you, not a leather jacket is always a winner! xx

  3. perfect combination!

  4. Low-key in love with your title for this post :) Also I have a similar jacket and hat!
    Love this outfit!
    All the love
    Hayley xx || ||

  5. This is perfect for this year's winter!

  6. I love your black and gray outfit! You really are so beautiful

  7. Great outfit, I love your black leather jacket!

  8. I love your outfit and the colour of your hair is amazing!

  9. I really love the color your hair. You also have a lovely outfit. Great post, dear.

  10. Fantastic! What an awesome combination.

  11. I love black..looks perfect for you!