Friday, 8 May 2015


Blazer - Monki
CrissCross Bra - ASOS
Teeth Necklace - Black Tied
Shoes - New Look

So everything is finally starting to slow and calm down again for me. I've now finished my job at Gap, I've finished my 30 hours of exams and two subjects and I feel like I can breath again. I also feel like making the effort with my outfits again, for the last two weeks pyjama style outfits have been a must! But now I want to have a little more structure to my outfits. Boyfriend jeans are a new favourite of mine. This pair have barely left my legs and I've just invested in a swanky new pair, I'm sure I'll be sharing them on here soon. My blazer is a favourite that I'm always going on about, but it is perfect for the weather at the moment. I added my criss cross bra, that I've had for ages now and my lace up shoes to add some detailing to this basic outfit. The cross over details of the shoes and bra just add a nice detailing, that spruces up the outfit and makes it look more put together. This is always a good idea, adding little details like snazzy shoes or a nice bag to put the outfit all together. These shoes are EVERYWHERE at the moment, I've seen loads of brands own version but I nabbed these in New Look a few weeks ago as the perfect way to add a grown up, chic detail to any outfit. I mentioned in a post recently how I get obsessed with certain items of my jewellery collection and this three necklace combo is my new obsession. I love the lengths of the three necklaces together and I love the simplicity of each necklace and how they look together. I also pulled back my hair into a low messy bun, inspired by all the lovely hair photos I see on Pinterest and Instagram, and I love how chic it looks despite being so simple to do. But yeah overall I really like this outfit, it is really simple and effortless but with cute details to add interest and make the outfit more me. 


  1. Love your shoes !

  2. those shoes are perfect!


  3. I love this outfit! The bra is gorgeous - I love it when you find a cute piece of lingerie with such interesting detailing.
    I also have MAJOR hair envy. Just going to throw that one out there. xo
    LJLV | UK Personal Style

    1. Aww thanks lovely! Love cute lingerie, don't love the not so cute price tags normally though haha xxx

  4. You have the most awesome style! Really!

  5. Love the shoes ! Looks pretty cool and stylish !

  6. Loving your jacket and shoes, what a casual chic look! Just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it! :)