Sunday, 16 February 2014

Lazing on a sunny afternoon


Coat - Burberry (a gift!)
Shirt & Boots -Tesco
Jeans - Pieces

Today the sun came out, it was a miracle. Luckily to had this weekend off, it is probably the first weekend I've had off since October 2013. Which meant the sun was a great excuse to go for a day out. Me and Alex started the day by going for a huge breakfast. It was gorgeous, I'm not one for a full English breakfast or breakfast at all but we went at 11am so I was pretty hungry by this point. We then popped into Glastonbury to have a little look round and went into our favourite cafe The Blue Note, for a coffee. It was lovely to sit outside and I love Glastonbury everyone is so happy and friendly. We then went for a little drive around the country lanes. Alex has just bought a soft top car, which seemed ridiculous living in England and all however we drove we the roof down and it was surprisingly lovely. I had to wear his hat though to prevent my hair loosing control. I knew my friend was working and we popped to The Cross Keys in Lydford for a snack. We shared some cheesy chips which were great and dipped them in pesto mayo, which is the best dip ever! Hope you all had a lovely weekend too! 


  1. amazing trench ! i need a spring trench so bad x

    1. Thank you! It is great as I can wear jumpers underneath to keep warm but the coat is still really light for warmer days x