Monday, 3 February 2014

Paint Your Face

My first attempt on myself.

As you may know I've been doing my textiles coursework recently and I received an A grade for this work. However to just further myself I had to do a photoshoot of my final product from my brief. I've really been enjoying photography and developing my skills and styling for shoots so I've been looking forward to doing it for my textiles coursework. I've personally being looking at mark making and texture and in black and white media. I decided  to make a kimono and to print a bold textural print onto my fabric. I wanted this to continue through into my photoshoot and used Pinterest for inspiration, Pinterest is my right hand man (see my pinterest boards here... My inspiration for make up/paint came from Vivienne Westwood's SS14 catwalks. I used my lovely friend Ellie as my model and took my photos at Kilver Court were we both work. Hope you guys like my kimono and my photoshoot!