Tuesday, 9 April 2013

So here goes my first post on my brand spanking new blog. I thought I would start by reviewing a few of the new beauty products I've picked up lately. First I will start with Garnier's 'Intensive 7 days moisturiser' I choose the dry-rough skin version as I have eczema and generally dry skin. I find this moisturiser smells great, it's cocoa butter which smells delicious  the texture of the cream isn't thick and heavy like some moisturisers. This means you don't have to resort in doing some chicken like dance to try and dry the moisturiser it seeps into the skin lovely. As I do have quite dry skin I don't find it lasts 7 days but more 2-3 days which is still great as it isn't time consuming which is always a plus. So all in all I like the moisturiser and will be picking it up again when I've ran out to avoid the moisturiser flapping dance to dry my skin.      

 Next up is nail varnish, as a complete nail varnish addict I'm always keen to try new ones. My pet hate for nail varnish's are when the take foreverrrrr to dry! I was watching Zoella's blog on youtube (link to follow...NOW) she mentions the nail varnish about 7 minutes in. She also mentions the moisturiser above which I didn't realise until looking for nail varnish review so there we go. Anyways after seeing the gorgeous blueberry 'Barry M Gelly Hi shine nail varnish' in Zoella's video I decided to treat myself. Which then lead to buying watermelon and blood orange too. I LOVE this nail varnish it has a great shine and the colours are so rich and gorgeous. This is my new favourite nail varnish brand. I'm addicted, damn it as it is just top notch!
My gorgeous blueberry toenails :)
My three favourite colours at the moment. 

I really like the bottles too 
 Ok and last up today is 'Pearl drops instant beauty' it's a toothpaste which whitens your teeth and I grabbed it for like £3. I was really excited to try it as it was much cheaper than other whitening products and I thought I would give it a go. I smoke (not a lot) but I have noticed my teeth are looking a bit dull so I wanted to get back my pearly whites. However I haven't seen that much improvement since using Pearl Drops which was a bit disappointing. So I wouldn't recommend it, but I shall try some other more expensive treatments soon and update you all.

Not quite pearly whites :(
Thanks for reading my blog and will see you soon for another update on fashion and beauty goodness 
Adious <3

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