Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Back home!

Well I'm back in the UK, I contracted a stomach infection and other goodies and had to come home.
I'm gutted that I couldn't stay out in Thailand but it is nice to be
back home safe and sound. 

I'm not missing much weather wise though as the UK has decided it will have a Summer,
we are having a glorious heat wave. It's been lovely. 
It's great to be able to show some skin and not have goosebumps, I love it.
I don't have many outfits to blog for you as I've spent a lot of time in pj's or bikini's. 
But I do have one cute on trend outfit.

I love the dungarees trend, but find it makes me lot more like a toddler than a fashion fanatic. 
I've opted for a happy medium with this dungaree/ pinafore style dress. 
It's from Primark but I grabbed it off Ebay from a fellow blogger Lily Melrose, I follow her on Twitter
and seen she tweeted about some clothes she was selling on Ebay and thought
with her great taste there might be something I'd like. 
Low and behold there was indeedy.

My t shirt is my trusty oversized tee from ASOS. They have 4 colours to choose from and is £8 at the 
moment in the sale. I would highly suggest picking one up. 
They are so easy to wear and keep you cool in the heat. I wear mine all the time it's great. 
And my also trusty Asos Sandals, I love love love these shoes. They brighten up any dull outfit and are perfect for Summer. They are fantastic and also in the Asos sale.

I accessorised with my eagle statement necklace from Ethics. I love this outfit I think it's very Summer casual.

I'm also lucky enough to have an ethnic background which means I tan rather nicely. This weather has brought out a gorgeous healthy skin colour. I only realise how much I miss having a tan when I've caught the sun.

Sorry there isn't much to this blog post, I'm just trying to sort out everything being back home. I will be more consistent I promise, just bare with me.

Until next time here is a cheeky picture of my enjoying the sun at Stourhead near where I live.

My sunglasses are from Ebay link here...Sunglasses.

See you soon guys. 


  1. wow, I love your style :) can't believe that dress is from Primark, don't usually shop there but that looks great! Am now following you, you have a really nice blog :)

    Dee xox

    Check out mine if you like: